Aug 03, 2023

Resident Betty gets a musical birthday gift for all to share

Betty has a history of supporting the music group in hopes it would promote local culture. [Source: Supplied]

Arcare Caboolture resident Betty Watson was gifted a special 90th birthday present last month with an intimate performance from the Queensland Youth Orchestras.

Betty has a strong connection to the musical group – having supported them through the organisation she helped establish, the Voluntary Community Services which raised funds to support the Caboolture community in the 1980s. 

The service was a major sponsor of the Queensland Youth Orchestras’ trip to North Queensland in the 1990s with the aim to bring more culture to the area. 

Betty was left with the organisation’s funds and last year she donated $280,000 to the group.

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Members of the orchestra performing for residents. [Source: Supplied]

“I felt and I pushed for the Queensland Youth Orchestras, thinking we could bring some culture into the North,” said Betty.

“I just love them. I didn’t sleep last night with excitement at seeing them again […] Nothing will ever top this.”

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Betty and residents enjoying some classical music. [Source: Supplied]

Betty, fellow residents and staff heard classical tunes and a bit of Opera from 30 of the 100+ orchestra members. 

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