May 03, 2023

Mobility mindset: you can work out with a piece of paper?

Javeno Mclean
Javeno's been in the industry for 23 years helping people of all ages and abilities to stay mobile. [Source: Facebook]

A British personal and rehabilitation fitness trainer is helping older people and people with disabilities live their best and fullest lives by inspiring them to be as mobile and active as possible by being open-minded and thinking outside of the box.

Javeno Mclean, 38, owns and runs his award-winning J7 Health Centre in Manchester, England where he has worked his magic to help vulnerable people regain their power and strength for 23 years.

Javeno sat down with HelloCare to talk about the importance of being crafty to find ways to stay mobile and how he motivates his clients to live happier and longer lives. What about some scrunch drills and balancing exercises with a piece of paper?

Javeno saw the mistreatment and underestimation of older people and those living with disabilities and found a way he could give back while keeping this demographic mobile and in good health.

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to stay healthy, to be healthy and to develop their health and well-being. I think that’s what a lot of the fitness industry is missing where a lot of people have missed out,” he said.

“A lot more families would be happy because guess what – nanna and grandad are going to be here for a lot longer… that family member with that disability isn’t going to be as depressed as they usually are. They’re going to smile more. They’re going to live longer and they’re going to be happier.” 

Javeno is passionate about keeping his older and mobility-impaired clients – taking the subsidy of improving and extending his clients’ lives as the only subsidy. He is inspired every day to bring passion and energy to his sessions that keep his clients eager to push themselves for the better.

“Guess what everybody says when somebody dies,” he said. “You always say ‘I’d give anything on this planet to have one more minute with that person’.” 

But staying mobile and active doesn’t have to be confined to a gym. Javeno believes that with a bit of creativity “everyone can do something” – even with a simple piece of paper.

“I think sometimes people set the bar a bit too high… One of my clients [has] very limited mobility, we did a 35-minute workout with a piece of A4 paper. 

“Anyone at home who’s struggling – if you really rack your brain, there’s something that you can do and I think please just don’t give up until you find it.”

Watch our full interview with Javeno here.

View Javeno’s social media content at the J7 community health centre Facebook page, @javeno7 on TikTok and @j7healthcentre on Instagram.

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