Jul 25, 2017

Mundipharma Recognising Pain In People With Dementia Series 2

What if the person with dementia can’t tell you they’re in pain?

This well help people understand other causes of pain for people with dementia.

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When an agency worker turns up to work at an aged care facility they haven’t worked in before, everything will be new to them: the other staff, the residents, the layout of the building, where things are kept, and routines they need to follow.  Every new facility an agency staff member works in is like... Read More

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Mundipharma Recognising Pain in People with Dementia Series 1

This will help people understand other causes of pain for people with dementia. In older people, pain is often unrecognised and undertreated. Certain studies have estimated that between 45% and 80% of residents in aged care facilities have substantial pain that is undertreated. P.A.I.N – What To Look Out For For an older person, it can... Read More
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