Aug 27, 2021

New stay-at-home rules for Victorian grandparents

New stay-at-home rules for Victorian Grandparents

Victorian grandparents can only provide childcare to their grandchildren.

Victoria’s Stay at Home orders were updated late last night on the Department of Health and Human Services Website, providing more clarity to Victorians regarding rules that pertain to grandparental care.

New details can be found on the ‘frequently asked questions’ page that grandparents can only provide childcare if: 

  • The parents of the child are authorised workers.
  • The grandchildren are classed as vulnerable.
  • The child’s parent needs to go to a medical appointment for themselves that the child cannot attend.
  • To look after children for authorised workers on shift work, and to allow them to sleep.

The rules came into effect on August 27 in order to help prevent confusion following the closure of Victorian childcare services last week. 

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  1. I live in the border town of Barham( NSW).
    My daughter has a new baby and is struggling to cope in lockdown in Melb.Can I visit to help her.Her partner is a shift worker

  2. If my daughter needs to work & has a 3 & 1 year old Dies this mean I cannot care for my grandchildren & so does half the country not work if they have small children ????

  3. Grandparents are not mixing with other children. Childminders are. Grandparents know the needs of the children. Childminders don’t. Grandparents only interact with the parents of the grandchild. Childminders interact with their own family and family of the other children they mind. Who is the bigger risk…the grandparent or the Childcare worker?

  4. I think if grandparents are vaccinated this rule should be eased and they should be allowed to care for grandkids. This will ease mental strain and stress on parents.

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