Sep 23, 2021

Nurses and teachers plan to join Melbourne protest as mayhem continues

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Though protester numbers were down on Wednesday, the mob still succeeded in bringing the city to a standstill for several hours.

They gathered in the CBD, then made their way through the streets to the Shrine, where they yelled, swore and threw projectiles at police.

Crying “Lest we forget”, the protesters gathered around the Shrine, drinking alcohol and some even, disgustingly, urinated on the monument.

Conversations on social media site Telegram suggest the protests will continue today, with nurses and teachers planning to join the throng.

“Some of the nurses are going to turn up in scrubs,” one said, according to a report on

“Then join together in the middle of the CBD at 12. Show the unity of all Victorians,” they wrote, according to a report from Sky News.

Organisers have noted that the hi-vis clothing worn by protesters earlier in the week was becoming “vilified” and they encouraged protesters to adopt a more “sophisticated” look.

“Everyone start turning up in suits, shirts/ties, dress shoes. Look smart, look sophisticated,” one wrote.

“So they can see how many different industries are standing up,” shared another, according to

It’s believed many of the protesters that have been wearing hi-vis garments are not tradies. It remains to be seen if protesters turning up today in scrubs will be genuine nurses.

“You’re allowed to legally be there. Just stand in the massive line until the numbers are there,” one wrote.

Protesters should then start singing, dancing and “waking people up”, they suggested.

A heavy police presence is building in Melbourne.

Yesterday, police yesterday made more than 200 arrests and fired nonlethal projectile rounds at protesters gathered at the Shrine.

Many were given a $5,000 fine for breaching COVID-19 public health orders, and several were charged with assault.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing protests in Melbourne? Have your say below. 

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  1. Its about time people started waking up to thid medical tyranny. This has gone way beyond whether or not the vaccines are poison, its about your and my freedom. Our collective and individual freedom to choose what is best for ourselves and not unlawfully and unethically dictated to. If you have had the jabs(s) – they’ll be ongoing, by the way – that’s your business. But do not ever, ever think to demand that others also accept such risk or give up their personal sovereignty. This cannot be stopped, you all absolutely must remain peaceful and simply stop complying. I write this with love, but it’s also a dire warning. You all know deep down something terrible is going on that has nothing to do with a bad flu. You all bloody know it.

    1. I’m 76 and I don’t want to die yet so I’m fully vaccinated. To those who are scared and fear the jab let me tell you it’s the best jab ever. I didnt feel a thing but a slight headache afterwards. PS. For people young and old a small piece of advice. Find out what you are really q eating in take away foods. The jab is safe in comparison.

    2. Yep, agree with you there, something terrible is going on. The protesters and anti vaxers are putting our lives and theirs at risk. I wouldn’t mind those that don’t want to be vaccinated, not being vaccinated if it didn’t impact and threaten our lives and way of life, which it its exactly what it is doing. Once the government opens up the country, the vaccinated will be the ones dying in hospitals and I don’t feel sorry for them at all, if it was intentional. I am all for giving first preference to a hospital bed and ventilator to the vaccinated over non vaccinated. After all why should we suffer, the vaccinated because of the ignorance and defiant behavior of the anti vaxers.

  2. It doesn’t seem to me unreasonable that staff working with the elderly or in other industries are vaccinated, assuming access can be given to a vaccine, and there is not a specific medical reason why it is not appropriate for a particular person to get a vaccine. The whole “freedom” schtick, seems a little wrongheaded. We are subject to a multitude of government and corporate restrictions in our day to day lives, I can’t see what is particularly different about this one that makes it a die in the ditch sort of riot for “freedom” issue. Not when the vaccine has been given safely to so many people in so many countries and will help protect the recipient and others from harm. We have long since given up absolute “freedom” and in really, except for the very wealthy, we probably have never had it. I do hope the protestors are peaceful at least and respect social distancing, but really it is surely not the time for physical interactions if they can be at all avoided.

    1. This is not about control, but about health measures to turn the disease from pandemic to endemic. But the actions of these rioters (don’t call them protestors) is not going to help anyone, not them nor the sensible rational people.

  3. I am a kindergarten/childcare worker, who has worked in the field over 8 years. What is really upsetting is that the Victorian government is now going to force us to lose our jobs because of our stance on pro choice.

    This is not (all) about individuals against wanting to take the vaccine, but actually standing up for the minimal rights we are given e.g., low pay, first industry to lose job keeper, poor working conditions, endless amounts of studying were we earn a diploma or degree; to come into a field were you are disposable, over worked and not treated with respect.

    It’s like “sorry, when you ask for better working/pay conditions especially during a pandemic we can’t help you”. We are essentially putting our lives at risk to look after our most vulnerable in the community.

    But then they can say “no job sorry you lose your job”.

    1. Clearly if you are pro-choice, and you fail to get vaccinated, you are simply not looking out fir the best interests of the children you are entrusted to keep safe. If you don’t want to get vaccinated for yourself, so it for them. After all, if you get it, they may take the virus home, give it to their family. How would that make you feel? If you can’t do that one unselfish act, how can you claim to cate for them?

    2. Bela. Don’t take your freedom for granted. Like another said we are not really free with so many restrictions these days. Maybe it is your choice to use your phone in your car while driving but that choice can have ramifications. Parking in a disability car park, that has ramifications, showing any form of racism, that has ramifications as you could lose your job in some instances. If you want to keep the job you studied so hard for then get the vaccination. It is not your right to say no really when you could put the children you care for in danger and then the family/community, just like it is not your right to go over the speed limit putting others at risk. What’s the difference? Don’t get caught up in this “Tyranny” and “Freedom” Rubbish and keep your job sweetie.

  4. If people do not want to be vaccinated that is their right. However, if they work in an industry that has high volume interaction with others, and vaccination is mandated, then find another job. And if they are adamant that they do not want the vaccination, then accept the consequences that come with making that choice. That is, accept that you may be refused entry to sporting events, hotels, restaurants. They have rights, but they don’t have the right to place other members of the public at risk. Also if they make the choice not to be vaccinated, then when they do contract coronavirus, and become ill, require hospitalization and perhaps admission to ICU, then don’t ask for the support. If an ill advised choice has consequences then deal with the consequences. Ideologically, and from a social responsibility perspective, the anti-vaccine proponents are out on a limb. Similar to those people who advocate for not wearing a seatbelt.

    1. Denying health care? Really. Be certain that none of your choices lead to stroke, heart condition, cancer, diabetes, and other degenerative diseases, thus taxing a fragile health system. Sorry, too many chips – can’t help you out with that heart attack. Geez, develop some compassion.

  5. Are u kidding..”non lethal projectiles “ that’s ridiculous..they are shooting innocent,unarmed,peaceful Australians who have a lawful right to protest.. Of course we are standing by them! Supporting them.. god help you if you are not? Australian’s are losing their lives to this ridiculous dictatorship with absolutely no help from so called “leaders” of the country! This is definitely not about a “trial” jab that has mounting evidence against its safety.. No mandatory Jabs! Full stop in any industry! It’s against human rights.. you know the ones our forefathers fought for!! That I want my children & grandchildren to inherit!!
    Stand together Australia! Stronger together! Pro Choice regardless!!

  6. You’re welcome to your freedom …no one is tieing you down and injecting you. But as with all freedoms there are consequences….learn to live with the consequences and don’t expect others to accept ‘your freedoms’ .

    1. Yep. In the past in the USA (the biggest land of freedom) George Washington inoculated his troops for smallpox against their will. At another time the government got permission to enter people’s houses to forcefully vaccinate the children. That’s what true mandatory looks like!

  7. OMG I went skydiving and they violated my human rights by making me wear a parachute. I believe I have the right to choose whether I wear a parachute or not or get vaccinated or not. I have also stopped wearing my seat belt after I realised I live in a dictatorship.(joke, just like this protest)

    Don’t get vaccinated, but do you do realise once the country is opened up, us vaccinated who catch covid will possibly infect you and you may possibly die??? Then because of you not being vaccinated, this virus can and will mutate and become more potent than ever, endangering our lives. It could even become so potent and mutated that no vaccine can stop it for a really long time.

  8. What a bunch of bloody hypocrites these protesters are… On one hand they don’t want to be part of the “freedom” process at all, if they did they would have the jab… And on the other hand they are advocating idiots line up in vaccination lines to prevent decent intelligent folk from protectiing themselves,their loved ones, their job, their ability to travel, go to the pub etc etc! Isn’t that the very opposite of what democracy is ?

    Don’t get the jab, but be prepared to suffer the consequences of your own actions?

  9. They’re a load of idiots! they seem to think they are more intelligent than the majority. The same sort of people that believed in the radio play “War of The Worlds” where people in America thought what they were hearing was happening. Alien invasion! Not to mention a lot of these protesters have obscure religious beliefs. So goodness knows what churches etc some belong to and what lies they are being fed! Then there are the “followers” of propaganda. People who are looking on social media sites falling into a trap of more lies. Lies that the pandemic doesn’t exist and that all world leaders have an evil plan for the average worker. What can you do? I find it incredibly scary. They are radicals and have had so much time on their hands to download so much rubbish. They live in a fantasy world and I guarantee there are a lot of people amongst this lot that have underlying mental health issues. The same vulnerable types that Churches and Cults love to manipulate. The idea of “being different” and not following as they say “like sheep”. Hypocrisy! What do they think THEY’RE doing? These people are sending us all back in time, before immunisation, before the discovery of antibiotics. They deserve what they get for compromising the safety and economies across the world. Tyranny? In your dreams!

  10. Victoria under Daniel Andrew’s is a Dictatorship,we are supposed to live in a democratic society with freedom of choice. Victorian police are bullies and what is happening to Australian citizens lawfully demonstrating for their rights is disgraceful and criminal.

  11. Good on the protesters. Our govt has sold us out. Covid smokescreen for Digital ID, social credit score and poverty, slavery and death thru continuous boosters. Govt and bureaucrats are murderers and shou lld be tried in supreme court for crimes against humanity.


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