Mar 06, 2019

Quality in Aged Care – Lessons from Health Sector and Preparing for New Quality Standards

Following a series of high profile compliance failures and reports of elder abuse in aged care facilities, further perpetuating a negative perception of the sector, pressure on providers to deliver high quality services is greater than ever. This is exacerbated by the implementation of the Royal Commission into Aged Care which promises further negative press as it uncovers tough stories and will no doubt have significant implications for the future of the industry.

Watch and listen to the highlights from the experts in the field and the key takeaways from the Quality in Aged Care conference.

Debora Picone – Chief Executive Officer, Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare

Janet Anderson – Commissioner, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

Val Fell – Consumer Advocate and Family Care Support Group Leader


Event Hosted by Criterion Conferences, COTA Australia and ACSA.

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  1. I am a 78 yr old self funded retiree prepared to pay my Pinay lady friend of 3 years to be my Carer ,,,,After getting help to contact Minister for Aged Care from Member for Wide Bay & Member for Fisher the Minister declined my request for a Letter of Support to put with Visitor Visa by saying he did not personally know applicant & if he did for me there would be others …. Othere have contacted me and now I am advocating for a Review of the Blood Relative restriction on the Carer Visa,,,with no success


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