Queensland nurse stranded in New Zealand may lose her job

Gold Coast woman stranded in NZ

Barbara Anderson, a nurse based on the Gold Coast of Australia, has had six flights home to Queensland cancelled.

She is now calling for essential workers to be given priority when returning back home to Australia.

Anderson is originally from New Zealand and had been on holiday there when lockdown hit on August 17.

Since then, she has had six flights to locations all around Australia cancelled and has been forced to stay with friends and family.

“I didn’t book a return flight because you never know what’s going to happen in this climate,” she explained to stuff.co.nz.

Anderson remains uncertain when she will be able to return home after the New Zealand government confirmed earlier this month the trans-Tasman bubble will remain closed until at least November.

Anderson believes essential healthcare workers should be given priority when returning to Australia.

“Sports teams appear to be swanning out and into New Zealand and preventing other New Zealanders taking up spots,” she observed.

“Any workers that need to return to gainful employment need to be prioritised.”

Complicating Anderson’s situation is the fact she is uncertain she will still have a job when she returns home.

Her employer has been “vague” about her role, Anderson explained.

“It’s a major stress because the bills are coming in,” she said, adding she is contemplating selling her Gold Coast home to provide much-needed funds.

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  1. Please fly this nurse back home to Australia immediately. Please.
    We need her here in Oz.
    Why should she have to sell her home. Due to the virus. She is a Frontline worker.aus government Look after our tax paying citizens

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