Jul 28, 2017

Retirement Village Operator: Interview with Aveo CEO Geoff Grady

Retirement Village operator, Aveo has been in the spotlight over the last few weeks – What have they learnt and what are they doing to promote transparency? Responsible Care Campaign is about recognising your shortcomings, addressing people’s concerns and always looking for ways to improve. Issues need to be brought to light when they arise and but that said it’s how we deal with it that makes the biggest impact.

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  1. It is easy to criticise Aveo but frankly it doesnt help the sectors underlying problem. I applaud you Lauren and in this case Geoff for engaging in a discussion transparently on how aveo sees the problems. Frankly no individuals should suffer but inevitably there are issues. The question is what operators do about it. It is so easy to blame the faceless corporate but aged care is like other service industries. It is however late to the party in creating change and adopting tripadvisor style feedback and other innovations. However it is happening now. I urge health professionals to have a little faith and commitment to ask questions and pursue improvements for this precious sector and not fall into the trap of tabloid media sensationalism that only defers the very real healing for change we need here. #responsiblecare


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