Mar 16, 2022

Singer Michael Bublé gifted grandfather’s house to his in-home carer

Singer Michael Bublé gifted grandfather's house to his in-home carer

Famed Canadian crooner Michael Bublé gifted his grandfather’s Vancouver home to the elderly man’s former in-home carer after the home underwent an amazing renovation as part of Bublé’s appearance on the reality TV show, Celebrity IOU.

During a recent press event for Kumu’s Sing for the Stars, Bublé revealed how appearing on the show allowed him to fulfil his dying grandfather’s wishes.

According to Bublé, his grandfather was not initially thrilled at the thought of requiring care in the home, but his reservations quickly evaporated as he developed a tight-knit bond with his carer named Minette.

“My grandfather didn’t really want anyone here, but Minette was a perfect match,” Bublé said.

“My grandfather went from a little bit resentful to absolutely becoming one of her best friends, and she became family almost instantly.”

As part of the Celebrity IOU program, Bublé and the show’s hosts, The Property Brothers’ Jonathan and Drew Scott, set out to renovate Bublé’s grandfather’s home which was built in the 1970s.

The renovation hosts even convinced Michael Bublé himself to get his hands dirty as part of the demolition process.

Throughout the renovation, Bublé shared stories of the close bond he had with his grandfather.

“I miss him every day,” said Bublé.

“We had this bond over music and sports. I just loved talking to him. I really looked up to him my whole life.”

With the tight three-week timeframe over, the transformation of the home’s interior was nothing short of remarkable, as the home’s once-cramped spaces had been replaced with sprawling open spaces, fireplaces, and artwork that Bublé picked out for Minette.

With the stage for the amazing reveal now set, Bublé walked Minette into the jaw-droppingly beautiful home and revealed to the carer that everything she was looking at now belonged to her.

“My grandfather, his greatest wish was not just that this house was kept in the family, but that this would be your home because he loved you so much,” Bublé told Minette as they entered the house.

Minette was overcome with emotion as she began to realise the enormity of the gesture.

This had a knock-on effect that also left Bublé and the show’s hosts wiping away tears.

“Here was this really compassionate, kind empathetic human being with a great sense of humour, a great zest for life, who sort of never did anything for herself,” said Bublé.

“I think my grandpa would be thrilled knowing that we could maybe lessen the burden a little bit in allowing Minette to continue helping her family without it being so hard on her.”


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  1. Beautiful gesture. His grandfather would be proud.
    Michael does seem to be a genuine person. I have seen him in concert in Australia with my son, and I like to think I am a good judge of character. He is also an awesome singer. ❤️

  2. Absolutely beautiful 🥰
    Whish something like that would happen to me so I don’t have to rent not nice houses anymore…it’s all I’ve ever wished for….such a lovely thing to do she is one very lucky lady

  3. This segment put tears in my eyes. My mother died with Alzheimer’s and my sisters and I hired a care taker for her. She is an amazing person. We hired her because we didn’t want to remember our mom by having to toilet her, feed her, and see the atrocities that Alzheimer’s puts on people that have it and those that love them! We wanted to remember our mom as the loving, giving, active, and fun mom she always was! Caretakers deserve the highest level of respect and thankfulness. Fortunately our memories of our Mom is watching her grow old and die gracefully and beautifully! Thank you Susan for all you did for us and our Mom over the years❣️

  4. Wow!!!! What a beautiful tribute and gift to Minette, who helped make Michael’s Grandfather’s last chapter end in his forever home. I know that Minette will still feel his presence and keep his memory alive.

    We are from Miami, FL. and just saw Michael’s concert in South Florida. He seemed so genuinely down to earth. Now, it’s confirmed. God bless Michael and his beautiful family!


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