SPC ProVital honours unheralded frontline staff with Aged Care Angels support campaign

Aged Care Angel hero image hands

SPC ProVital’s Aged Care Angels campaign gives everyday Australians the opportunity to nominate an outstanding residential aged care or community home care worker for their chance to win one of 10 grand prize packs (valued at $725 each). 

Aged care staff who miss out on grand prize packs will remain in the running to win a number of secondary prize packs. Nominators of prize winners will also receive a gift card. 

A selected grand prize winner will also have their story brought to life in an article by SPC media partner, HelloCare, and then featured on its online aged care media platform.

Ms Maria Naughton, Senior Brand Manager of Functional Foods at SPC, said, “Australia’s aged care workforce is continually asked to achieve more, with less, and they do so with very little fanfare. Aged Care Angels is about rewarding these people and raising the profile of what they do.”

The Aged Care Angels campaign will run from 4th October 2021 – 25th October 2021.

For more information and to submit a nomination, please visit www.agedcareangels.com.au

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  1. Dear organisers of the Aged Care Angels competition,

    This competition was a wonderful idea. I nominated 3 Aged Care Angels at my mother’s nursing home Eventide in ChartersTowers Queensland. The competition closed on 25th October. Have you notified the winners yet? The information page said the decisions would be made on 5Nov and the winners notified by 8th November.

    1. Hello Merilyn,

      Due to the massive influx of applications, organisers are still reading through entires. However, we estimate that winners will be announced at some stage next week.

      GOOD LUCK 😊


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