Oct 31, 2018

Staff empowered to engage with spirituality through e-modules initiative

Entering a conversation about spirituality may feel uncomfortable and daunting for people working in aged care.

Some may fear they lack the knowledge to discuss spirituality, or worry that they could say the wrong thing or offend the person they are caring for.  Meaningful Ageing Australia says these fears are not uncommon and can be overcome.

A new online resource developed by Meaningful Ageing Australia, responding to requests from member organisations, is its latest tool to help people working in aged care learn about how to talk about spirituality with people accessing aged care.

It is launching two new e-modules that are based on its popular face-to-face training, Spiritual Care an Integral Part of Caring and ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool.

Meaningful Ageing Australia developed the e-modules in consultation with five member organisations. Nine member organisations across Australia have trialled the e-modules with staff in a wide range of roles including: lifestyle and leisure, area managers, personal care, administration, and allied health.

Meaningful Ageing Australia member organisation, Bethanie, will host the launch of the two new e-modules on Monday 5th November in, Perth.

The e-modules are available free to Meaningful Ageing members in SCORM format, or via a web link. To find out more, please visit https://meaningfulageing.org.au/product/e-modules/

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