Sep 17, 2021

Teen remains in home detention after climbing into elderly woman’s bed

Teen remains in home detention after climbing into elderly woman’s bed

Magistrate Oliver Koehn refused the defence’s application for a relaxation of the boys home detention conditions, stating that the incident was an “extremely serious matter” and that there was a need to ensure the protection of the community.

The Adelaide Youth Court heard that the boy did not know his elderly victim before allegedly breaking into her home and committing the assault in July.

Blood located outside of the woman’s residence had since been matched to the attacker, but the prosecution is still working to determine if semen that was found on the woman’s bedding is also linked to the youth.

“There was blood located outside the residence on bricks and on the broken glass window, and further blood located inside the victim’s unit,” prosecution lawyers said.

“A blood trail was observed leading from the bathroom to the bedroom … it was located on her bed, as well as a pair of male tracksuit pants and underwear located on the doorway of her bedroom.”

The case will return to the Adelaide Youth Court in October.

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