Feb 25, 2020

Teenager Granted Bail After Brutally Bashing Elderly Man During Home Invasion

A 17-year-old boy was arrested and then granted bail after viciously bashing an elderly man during a home invasion in the South Australian suburb of Goolwa South.

The 86-year-old victim, Bob Humphries, was alerted to an intruder in his kitchen just after 2 am after being woken by his dog ‘Gemma.’

Mr. Humphries then walked out of his room and into the passageway before noticing the teenager in his home with an ‘armful’ of his possessions.

The 86-year-old then confronted the teenage offender who launched a vicious attack, repeatedly punching Mr. Humpries in the face and leaving him bloody and bruised.

Mr. Humphries suffered severe injuries during the attack, with a local neighbor telling Seven News cameras that he suspects that the teenage suspect “made a real mess of his face, so he will probably require surgery.”

Both the inside and outside of the elderly victims’ home were covered in blood, and the cowardly young intruder then fled home by running into a nearby reserve where he disposed of the items that were allegedly stolen from Mr. Humphries home.

Police arrested the 17-year old within hours of the attack and charged him with aggravated serious criminal trespass, assault, and theft.

A 45-year-old man from Goolwa South has also been arrested and stands accused of receiving stolen property that was stolen from Mr. Humphries’ home.

Speaking to news cameras, one of Mr. Humphries’ friends shared his thoughts on the aftermath of the incident.

“I just hope they get some sort of decent justice, not just the slap on the wrist that a lot of them get,” he said.

The accused teenager has been granted bail and will face court sometime next week.


Photo Credit: iStock – mtreasure

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  1. How appalling this thug is out on bail. I can only imagine the fear the older man feels as well as others in their community knowing this pig child is free.


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