Aug 07, 2023

‘Thanks for Caring’: Honouring our care workers

Monday, August 7 marks the fifth Australian Aged Care Employee Day. [Source: Shutterstock]

This year’s Aged Care Employee Day recognises each and every team member involved in caring for the 1.3 million older Australians receiving home care or residential care services and people around the country have voiced their gratitude for all the hard work they do.

This year’s theme ‘Thanks for Caring’ pays tribute to over 360,000 nurses and care workers, allied health professionals, hospitality teams, drivers, cleaners, volunteers, lifestyle officers, administration staff and all of those who help keep the aged care industry afloat. 

Residents of Resthaven Westbourne Park in South Australia shared their thanks for the staff that tend to their needs on Twitter. One resident said: “I’d like to thank the staff for the kind care that they’ve given me. For the time that I’ve been here, they make me feel most comfortable and part of the family”. 

Over on the east coast, SydWest Multicultural Services celebrates its workforce that provides valuable services and care to all clients. 

SydWest Aged Care Services Manager, Mereline Murimwa- Rarami, said frontline aged care workers inspired her a lot. 

“They are the backbone of the work we do for our seniors. Without them, aged care does not exist,” she said

Screenshot 2023-08-07 105509
Mereline Murimwa- Rarami. [Source: Twitter]

VMCH Chef Manager Rachna (Kimi) Power, is one of the many workers being acknowledged on Monday’s recognition day for her love of cooking delicious and nutritious food for residents at the John R Hannah home in Victoria.

“I feel blessed to have the skill and ability to deliver hearty, home-cooked meals for our residents, many of whom have had years of cooking experience themselves. Even just a simple roast meal can remind residents of those Sunday lunches around their dining tables, but now with a new family surrounding them,” Kimi said.

VMCH Chef Manager Rachna (Kimi) Power. [Source: Supplied]

Described as a “particularly challenging 18 months” for all aged care workers with COVID-19 still posing problems in aged care, Gilgandra Lifestyles Director of Aged Care and Disabilities Donna Dobson encouraged the community to acknowledge the “quiet achievers and the superheroes” that are exposed to these challenges.  

“It’s been a particularly challenging eighteen months for aged care workers both in residential and home care services leaving many families and friends unable to visit loved ones in care for weeks on end,” said Ms Dobson.

“It often fell to the carers, the nurses and other staff to make up for that loss of family contact and become that crucial connection for frail and vulnerable older Australians.”

Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Symondson agreed and said workers had gone above and beyond the call of duty this past year and continue to face immense challenges.

“Our staff have faced the most challenging of conditions and been tested to the limit during the COVID pandemic, but they’ve proven to be care ‘superheroes.’ They’ve provided essential care to their beloved older residents, while colleagues were struck down with COVID or forced to isolate,” he said. 

“We also want to encourage aged care staff to take a moment for themselves to regroup, take a breath, and recharge. They all deserve our thanks for their professionalism, their warmth, and their enthusiasm to help older Australians live comfortably.”

How are you spending Aged Care Employee Day? Let us know in the comments! 

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