Apr 21, 2021

“The most powerful image I’ve seen since this pandemic started”

Hand of God (1)
Image: Twitter

One of the hardest aspects of the coronavirus pandemic has been the inability to hug and comfort family members. Maintaining social distance, while important, has added a further emotional toll to an already difficult time. 

However, a nurse in a Brazilian hospital has come up with a simple but genius way to help bring some comfort to people in the coronavirus isolation wards. 

The ingenious invention has been attributed to São Carlos nurse, Semei Araújo Cunha, who reportedly thought of creating the hands to bring comfort to patients at the emergency care facility in the city, after the hospitalisation of tens of thousands of Brazilians of COVID-19. 

“For the sake of affection, comfort and care for the patient, it is not enough to be professional, you have to be empathetic,” the nurse told a local news outlet, G1 São Carlos and Araraquara, in Portuguese.

With over 13 million Brazilians having been infected with COVID-19, and the number of deaths reaching 350,000, finding ways to bring comfort to those still in hospitals is helping people through these tough times. 

Following a photo of the fake hand hitting Twitter, people have been commending the ingenuity of the nurse, helping their patients feel a bit of comfort. 

“A simple, yet very thoughtful innovation by Brazilian nurses. I feel so sad though reading about it and looking at the picture,” said one Tweet. 

Another Tweet called the image “probably one of the most powerful images I’ve seen since this Pandemic started”. 

In a time when finding compassion for your fellow humans is more important than ever, the imitation of human touch when real touch is impossible has been bringing a sense of comfort and peace to those who need it. 

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