Aug 11, 2021

Too far? Unvaccinated aged care workers face $20,000 fines in Western Australia

Unvaccinated aged care workers face $20,000 fines in Western Australia

Owners and operators of aged care facilities are required to collect and maintain a record of the vaccination status of all their staff and must be able to produce a record to authorities on request.

Failing to comply with the new directions can result in fines of up to $100,000 for aged care facility owners and operators.

Western Australia has adopted a hard-line approach to compulsory vaccination with WA Premier Mark McGowan recently indicating that mandatory COVID-19 jabs will be imposed on port, airline and healthcare workers. 

Currently, all WA police officers and staff members must have had at least one vaccine dose or otherwise wear a mask while working.

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  1. Too far? Absolutely not!
    Carers…by definition are expected, required, to care. If you are going to be paid to care then bloody care. No exception, jab or walk!

    Do I think that people have rights? Of course. You have the right to be employed or unemployed. You don’t have the right to endanger those around you!

    1. Who are you or any government to determine who’s rights count and who’s don’t ask any survivor of the Holocaust like some of my friends.
      That was Hitlers argument wasn’t it , the final solution, to remove those who are the danger to the success of the master race.
      The type of behaviour you support is hysterical government and media propaganda based on fear without supporting evidence .

    2. You bloody Muppet, you are supporting g coercion, the violations of my rights to work, to travel, to live life. All for some virus that kills 98.9 percent of the elderly most likely due to underlying health reasons anyway. I don’t see them mandating polio or tetanus shots and that I can’t work if I don’t have them!? How ridiculous your bloody thinking is.

    3. Hmm if you care for people then why do you not care for the workers being forced to have a jab that protects the person jab only? Even with the jab you can share, and carry the COVId 19disease – the only person likely to get a benefit from having the need is the elderly person whose had it.
      Vax or not you don’t protect others only yourself .

      You also have to ask yourself we’re the elderly consulted on whether they wanted the jab or were they wheeled it and told they were having it?
      Abuse is abuse is abuse- regardless of who inflicts it and who it’s victim is

  2. How abhorrent! What has this country come to now that we are forcing people to have a medication. Honestly, I hope all these workers walk out on an already struggling sector to say we cant be bullied into this.
    How is it ok for the Police to be able to wear a mask if they don’t want the vaccine, but not aged care staff? This country is disgusting

  3. My 94 year old father, my husband and I all live in a residential aged care facility. We are acutely aware that because of our age and disabilities we are extremely vulnerable to any kind of disease brought in to oyr facility not just Covid. If it can be made mandatory for anyone working in or visiting an aged care facility to be vaccinated for influenza then why can’t it be made mandatory for Covid vaccination. I am right with the WA government on setting these strict rules. Bring the individuals and companies whomdo not comply to account. The vaccination is there to protect the lives of the vulnerable but also the whole community. Other states should follow the WA lead. We would all be better off.

  4. I totally agree. Our elderly loved ones are vulnerable so all staff working at aged care facilities should be vaccinated. If they don’t want to be then they need to look for a different job.

  5. Nobody wants to end their story with Covid and the elderly are no different. Anyone who wants to work with vulnerable people should be mandated to be vaccinated or they should get out of the health industry. We have the rights we do today thanks to the older population. Being vaccinated is not a rights issue in aged care and being handed a death sentence by an infected unvaccinated self-entitled worker is a massive breach of human rights in my opinion. There are valid reasons a worker cannot be vaccinated, but choosing not to because they feel their rights are being breached and also choosing to continue to work with the frail aged is pure selfish entitlement.

  6. Absolutely not. Vaccination should be compulsory. People saying that they are access issues to vaccination are correct however the fact is that you can get vaccinated if you want to. My entire family is vaccinated and I got vaccinated by driving about 50 km to the nearest availability. I had AZ with no real side effects and the rest of my family had Pfizer with mild side effects. You have a right to refuse care but you don’t have the right to place other people at risk. In this scenario vaccination should be compulsory and we should as a nation show some maturity and get it done. Too many people have already died. As Arnold says if “You want to live follow me”. I want to live and I want other people to enjoy that right too.

  7. I am fully vaccinated but I think it is unfair for those that do not wish to be vaccinated considering family and friends of residents don’t need to be and it is not mandatory for them to be. Family and friends of residents are the ones that quite often bring infections and diseases into the home.

  8. Good, it should be implemented Australia-wide, in fact, I thought it had, and for nurses!!!
    My wife works in aged care…vaccinated!
    I do volunteer work in aged care…vaccinated!!!

    We have to show that we’ve had the flu shot and whilst the flu can be deadly to vulnerable people, Covid has the potential to be far more dangerous and wide-spread.

  9. If aged care personal carers wish to exercise their right in refusing vaccination without a solid medical reason. That’s fine, however, they fail to realise that they have a responsibility to provide safe care to residents. I commend the WA Government on this stand as they are protecting the rights of the elderly.
    All hospital professional employees who provide patient care are required to have proof of immunisation, with seroconversion in some instances, and now vaccination for Covid 19. It is about us, not me.

  10. Well nobody will be fined $20,000 because nobody will be allowed to go to work if they haven’t had the vaccine.

  11. Interesting….Telstra recently announced a $200 incentive for each of its 25000 employees if they get vaccinated. Aged care workers, on the other hand, are threatened with a $20000 fine if they don’t! Go figure

  12. So what happens to those workers who cannot have a vaccination? Eg. pregnant women.
    Is it fair to fine them $20,000? Is it fair to fire them? there goes their maternity leave and
    security to live, pay bills and care for a child.

    People who may not be able to have the jab because of other health issues.

    So most people’s “no jab no job” theory is incredibly cruel, the only people saying that are people who have security and won’t ever be out in that situation themselves.

    What happens to those who live in rural communities where there are little no job opportunities other than the age care home they’ve been working for years and years?

    What happens to those rural age are residents who don’t have someone to care for them because there are no staff?

    The vaccination doesn’t stop someone from contracting or passing on the virus, only lowers your chances of being really sick from the virus. If the age care residents are fully vaccinated and a carer who is not vaccinated due to health and personal reasons and continues to work (with PPE/masks only, like the police officers will be doing) then what is the issue here?

    I think the answer you’ll find, is compliance.


  13. It is a step to far .The underlying reasons for forcing the Jab is lacking in robust scientific or factual evidence at this moment in time.
    It’s only been given since 22 February this year .
    It’s all based on fear and control.It is widely accepted that even when vaccinated you can both contract Covid and pass it on . Look at the rising numbers in Israel and the UK where over 75 % of the population have received 2 shots .
    There is no short term or long term proven efficacy or worse still no proof that the vaccine isn’t hazardous to health .it will be the younger generations who will pay the price .
    The old like me need to think about them , we’ve had our day.I never thought our country would be so tyrannical.

  14. Threatening to fine “ nurses “ $20000 for not being vaccinated. One of the most valued but underpaid professions ! Or don’t come to work in a state that’s under resourced!
    And some people think it’s ok ?
    With a vaccine that doesn’t stop you getting Covid or being a carrier ?
    Or in a state with out any cases ?
    People need to wake up.
    It’s just government bullying to be kind , in reality it’s shameful and tyrannical.
    We don’t even really know the vaccines efficacy or safety short or long term ….. I hope they’ve got it right … I personally have grave reservations.
    The young will pay the price for all of this , if you’re old like me leave them alone , we’ve had our lives without any such intrusion.

  15. Freedom of choice and human rights obviously doesnt exist in this country. Forcing someone to have medication that doesnt protect you from covid or stop you being a carrier. What is the point and why has the government got its nickers in a twist. Its obvious, the government has agreed that Australia will partake in the largest research project and study ever. That is what the covid vaccination program is about and the western world is all onboard. IF the government really wanted to protect people from covid they would look at India’s vaccines as they actually work. Pfizer a new type of vaccine which dictates to the RNA of a person to produce a certain strand of protein which allegedly provides some protection, yet it doesnt. DNA is a protein strand. Controlling RNA is one step away from controlling DNA. So what exactly are they experimenting about? Shame of the government for abandoning our freedom of choice. All health care workers should strike because if the government gets away with this what is next – a dictatorship ?

  16. This is not only ridiculous, but it’s criminal behaviour, n akin to Nazi Germany, especially when there is no pandemic, because the majority of supposed covid cases are false positives. Furthermore, none of the vaccines have been adequately tested, ie 15-20 years of rigorous testing. Moreover, none of the vaccines have been proved to be safe or effective at either protecting the person vaccinated, or others from catching it from that said person. And lastly, especially when we understand that over 16 thousands deaths in the U.S. have already been reported on the Vaers database from covid vaccine related deaths. So no, no WA worker should be forced to get this experimental jab, nor fined 20k for going to their workplace, unvaccinated. Mark my words, McGowan, Cooke, Andrew’s, Morrison, as well as the other chief medical officers, along with the mainstream media groups, will all be tried under Nuremberg 2 for crimes against humanity.

  17. Taking experimental vaccines if not something to do lightly. The British Medical Journal has just released evidence that the trials for AstraZeneca were fudged. But even if they were not you can’t test a vaccine in a few months instead of the usual 10 to 15 years. There is no long term data on its unintended effects. This is madness to mandate Russian roulette on a state wide scale.


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