Jan 19, 2017

4 Top Places to Retire in Australia: Quality Locations to Spend the Rest of Your Life

Now that you’ve worked a long career and lived decades in a major Australian metropolis, you’re probably ready to retire and move to a more peaceful place. While Australians already know we have some of the most livable cities in the world, you’re maybe not entirely aware of all the top places to retire in Australia.

Sometimes you can find amazing retirement locations going beyond the common standard. While you’ll find plenty of beach locations, Australia offers considerable variety in the type of places you might prefer.

If you’re looking for natural beauty, you’ll find more than you can even take in. However, you’ll want to find a place with good community spirit, excellent health services, plus sport and activity.

Not all of these are on a beach, yet all have natural beauty beyond compare.

Let’s take a look at the best places, including locations you’ve perhaps never visited.

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley, New South Wales

One thing you likely look for in a retirement location is being reasonably close to major cities. Hunter Valley is very close to Sydney and Newcastle while providing appealing surroundings for those who like country settings.

The real appeal here is the extensive vineyards and wineries throughout the region. Along with beautiful golf courses and plenty of good eating spots, it’s become a favourite in the NSW area.

Keep in mind that housing prices have shot up in Hunter Valley because of so many retirees moving there.


Esperance, Western Australia

For those of you wanting bodies of water in your retirement community, Esperance is one of the best available. It’s only an eight-hour drive from Perth, though you can fly in from that city as well.

With unspoilt beaches and pristine waters surrounding you, it’s become very high in demand. You even have 110 nearby islands as part of the Recherche Archipelago.

Lucky Bay is a real highlight, but you have numerous spots for snorkelling, diving, eating seafood, cultural tours, and even miniature golf.

Some interesting history here goes back to 1979 when the U.S.’s Skylab satellite broke apart over this region. Esperance has a museum on this with artifacts.


Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Queensland has many beautiful spots to retire in along the coast. Sunshine Coast is one of the top beach locations in this region of Australia. It’s not surprising why when you see photos of what’s available there. Containing outstanding beaches and sunny weather nearly year-round, the people here are truly laid back so you can finally escape your hectic work life.

Another strong point about Sunshine Coast is the various retirement villages there. With over a dozen of these villages available, you’ll have a place where you can get special care if reaching an age where your health becomes a factor.

If you’re still physically active, you’ll find everything from tropical forests to championship golf courses to hike and play in.


Yankalilla, South Australia

Only an hour’s drive away from Adelaide, Yankalilla is on the Fleurieu Peninsula and a great option for retirees looking for more affordable housing. Not everyone is going to have a massive income to live in luxury. Here, you can get housing that doesn’t cost a fortune, yet still get many of the same beautiful surroundings as the more expensive choices.

Known for its country setting, the town has a lot of boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts for tourists. Don’t hesitate to stay in these for a short time to get a feel for the community.

Many farmers and artists love the surroundings here, and Adelaide has plenty of shopping not far away.

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