Aug 18, 2021

Two 95-year-olds who fell in love during pandemic get married

Two 95-year-olds who fell in love during pandemic get married

As the arrival of COVID-19 ushered in unprecedented periods of isolation and loneliness for many seniors, 95-year-olds John Shults and Joy Morrow-Nulton found comfort in each other, which quickly developed into romance. 

After first meeting along the banks of the Hudson River in upstate New York, the pair soon found themselves trying to navigate the dating world in the most trying of circumstances. 

“She was worth it. It was a pain in the neck, though,” said Mr Shults.

With the help of Mr Shults’ son, Pete, the new couple remained in contact every day via phone until they had both received their vaccinations and were able to venture out together.

Like many people during the pandemic, John and Joy have taken the most pleasure from simple things like long drives.

“She’s richer than I am, just so you know. She bought me a walker,” Shults said. “$159, I think. I told you she had money. She did have it until she bought my walker.”

Not one to be outdone, Mr Shults decided to do some shopping of his own and eventually found his way to a jeweller to purchase an engagement ring.

Although John Shults’ first 11 proposals to Joy yielded negative results, persistence eventually paid off and the pair found themselves engaged. 

“Finally I said, OK,” said Joy Morrow-Nulton, after finally accepting John’s marriage proposal. 

“When we had snow days and I didn’t come up here, I missed him.”

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