Jul 10, 2024

Unbreakable Bond: A Tribute to the Love and Loss of a Mother

Unbreakable Bond: A Tribute to the Love and Loss of a Mother
Reflecting on the unique and enduring bond between mother and child, even after loss. [iStock].

When you lose your mother, there is no pain quite like it; she will remain with you in your heart and mind for the rest of your life, hearing her voice in the wind and the rain and her face in every reflection. 

She will visit you in your dreams and appear in your waking hours, surrounding and keeping you safe. The impact on your soul is like a crushing vice of pain, knowing you will never hold her in your arms and feel that tender love she bestowed upon you all your life.

We grow inside our mother’s womb, and the sound of her heartbeat and voice becomes familiar; when we emerge into a world of light and noise, the first image is that of our mother and her voice. 

From the moment we are born and placed into our mother’s arms, the bond and connection are formed, eyes meeting for the first time with an overwhelming transfer of love created.

The unconditional love shared between mother and child when the umbilical cord is severed reveals a deep emotional relationship that will grow throughout a lifetime. A mother would gladly lay down her life for her child to protect and be safe and free from harm.

I will always recall that dreaded phone call one Sunday morning from my aunt, ten thousand miles away in the UK, to tell me that my mother had passed away in her sleep. Saying that she had passed away peacefully, that we would never know because she was alone at the end.

The image had been imprinted on my brain that I would never speak or see my mother again. There is no going back after losing your mother; the woman who grew you, gave birth to you and nurtured you throughout your life is gone forever.

The emotional and sentimental attachment between mother and child is the foundation for life, providing reassurance, safety and love.

Our mother’s voice and calm, gentle touch are unique to all of us.

So when we celebrate Mother’s Day each year, those lucky enough to still have a mother in their lives should value every moment.

Engage in as many hugs as possible because a mother’s hug lingers forever when it is over, and never forget to say how much we love them because as night follows day, they will not be with us forever.

A quote from Edgar Allan Poe:-

Because I feel that in the heavens above the angels, whispering one to another, can find among their burning tears of love, none so devotional as that of ‘ Mother’. Therefore, by that dear name, I have long called you, you who are more than mother unto me”.

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  1. Beautiful and every word so true. Nothing prepares us for that moment, imprinted on our minds forever. 😪

  2. Having lost a dear friend recently who was like a mother to me she was 92yrs old I miss her terribly 😔 but she is in my heart ❤️ and will remain there. R.I.P JOYCE


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