Nov 05, 2019

Veteran, 98, recognised for 40 years’ volunteering – at nursing home he now calls home


A  Mornington Peninsular war veteran, Alan Moore, has been awarded the COTA Victorian Senior Achiever prize in recognition of his 40 years of voluntary service to Benetas Corowa Court Aged Care, the nursing home he now calls home.

Receiving the accolade at 98 years of age, Mr Moore was recognised for his outstanding community contribution to the Anglican aged care provider, Benetas.

An “honour” and a “privilege”

Mr Moore told HelloCare he was “honored” to receive the recognition. “We certainly never look for reward in what we do, and when I was awarded yesterday I felt very honoured,” he said.

Allan Moore. Supplied.

Mr Moore was joined in the celebrations by four generations of family, including two daughters and a significant number of grandchildren. 

“It’s a great privilege to receive this prestigious award by the Victorian Governor General and I think I may just be the most senior here”, Mr Moore observed.

A powerful anti-war message

Mr Moore served in the 39 Battalion, and survived battle on the Kokoda Track.

Alan Moore. Supplied.

Since then, Mr Moore has been an active anti-war campaigner, speaking at schools across Victoria about his experience of war with a message of peace and collaboration.

“My answer is to just get on with everyone,” he told HelloCare. 

“I have seen what happens when we don’t, and peace and collaboration is the most important thing any of us can do.”

Mr Moore has been an active Rotary member since 1980, and spent more than 40 years of his life volunteering for Benetas at its Corowa Court Aged Care facility, where he now lives.

Mr Moore says volunteering has been very important to him.

“Being involved in the community and working with others to just get the job done is what matters to me. Being able to get on with others has been important to me all my life and it’s a privilege to be able to do that through speaking to schools, volunteering at the op shop and sitting on many committees through my time,” he said.

A “humble and generous” person

After the awards ceremony, Benetas CEO Sandra Hills OAM, described Mr Moore as a humble and generous person who has invested more than 40 years of his life to the betterment of Corowa Court Aged Care and its residents.

“He has not only served as an integral member on the Corowa Court Committee and been an active volunteer at the Anglicare Mt Eliza Op Shop, but at 98 he is now also a valued resident at Corowa Court,” Ms Hills aid.

“We are incredibly grateful to Alan for his outstanding contribution to the lives of older Victorians on the Mornington Peninsula and are honoured to have such a dedicated volunteer with Benetas.”

Looking forward to continuing the celebrations

Mr Moore’s 99th birthday is not far off, so we asked him how he will celebrate.

“By doing very little!” he said, explaining he’s got his eye on a bigger prize in one year’s time.

“I told my Grandson that we’d be holding out for my 100th birthday in 13 months’ time, where we’ll invite 100 guests and hold a big party.”

Image: Alan Moore with the Governor the Hon Linda Dessau and the Hon Luke Donellan. Supplied.

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