Sep 20, 2021

Vic police under fire for attack on unarmed elderly woman during lockdown protest

Vic police under fire for attack on unarmed elderly woman during lockdown protest

Shocking footage from Melbourne’s lockdown protests that shows police officers pushing an unarmed elderly woman to the floor and pepper-spraying her face has sparked outrage across the globe on social media platforms.

Multiple videos show a woman who is believed to be in her 70s being violently shoved to the ground by police. She also appears to hit her head on the concrete surface on impact.

Upon hitting the floor, another officer douses her face with pepper as the woman tries to shield her eyes.

Victoria Police is aware of a video on social media showing an interaction between police and a protestor in Melbourne on Saturday.

“Police anticipated a highly volatile situation on the weekend and had strongly urged people to refrain from participating in protest activity. Despite warnings, an estimated 700 people protested in clear breach of the Chief Health Officer’s directions.

“The incident circulating on social media has been referred to Professional Standards Command and will be investigated.”

Tensions between Victorian police and protestors boiled over on multiple occasions across the weekend, as hundreds defied public health orders to protest against a range of issues relating to COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates.

While this tactic did deter many, hundreds of protestors converged in Richmond where they encountered large numbers of police.

Video of the incident involving the elderly woman has divided viewers, some of which were appalled at heavy-handed police tactics. However, many felt that the treatment was justified for breaking public health orders.

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  1. However, many sadists and psychopaths felt that the treatment was justified for breaking fascistic public health orders.

    1. Right? Who the hell would make such a comment? I’ve seen some of this on social media too… some very aggressive, heartless pro-vaxers in Australia. I wonder if they’re just angry because their vaccines aren’t working.

      1. the opposite here in the states, the non-vaxers, anti-mask folks are are beating people up, punching service people, even assaulting nurses in a hospital, in France they killed a bus driver, this just looks like plain old police abuse, we have a lot of that, mostly on minorities

  2. What! We live in Australia and you end your piece with the comment that some people think that this action was justified. You would have watched the video! Where is the outrage? The lady could easily have died. An elderly lady. What is happening to our country? I’m disgusted in our leadership and I’m disgusted with our media!

    1. Well said Karen I to am so disappointed I truly believed Australia was better than what is happening in this
      country. Covid has surely brought the worst out in our politicians and media.
      Our senior citizens are treated like 2nd class citizens by the government the royal commision high lighted
      that,that was a political move to shut everybody up nothing came of it, so why would they be concerned about some little thug in uniform assaulting an aged person.

  3. I think your very reference to this individual incident shows an ageist approach to ‘justice’. The issue is not that the woman was 70.. or is the intention to have older Australians treated differently? Even when they break the law. The issue is was the response proportionate to the offence? Not a question for this publication.

  4. People are just frustrated with lockdown. Beating up an elderly lady like this is just appalling. Dan Andrews is his own worst enemy. All of this stuff is just electoral suicide playing into the lobster like pincers of the Liberal party. Dan maybe the man but unfortunately yesterday’s rooster is too often today’s feather duster. What we need here is de-escalation and conciliation not violent confrontation.

  5. People have the right to protest. Police have the right to protect themselves. Three Police against one puts the odds in the Police’s favour. Police have the means to arrest and detain people without it going to their heads and becoming bullies and disregarding people’s safety.

    Pushing an elderly woman to the ground and spraying her with pepper spray is an act of sheer bullying. This appears that the Police person enjoyed the act of causing distress to an unarmed defenceless person.
    There is no evidence that this woman posed a serious threat to an armed Police officer.

    Australia has to wake up and stop bullying its citizens. It is becoming a Police country and NSW is already a Police state. People have the right to exercise their freedom of choice.
    Politicians need a wake-up call. Stop bullying citizens and trying to take away our freedom of choice and making the Police do your dirty work for you.

    1. Thanks Paula. I full heartedly agree with everything you have said.
      The Police force’s duty is to protect citizens not to hurt. No police officer should be allowed to abuse a citizen. We have a legal system to deal with any breaches and no individual officer should behave like vigilante.

      1. Dans simple strategy is to divide and conquer. He has his reasons as evil as they may be, to destroy Victoria. Why, only he knows, perhaps his unhappy childhood or daddy didn’t love him enough or he was bullied all his life might give us a clue. But he is a bastard and one that desires everyone else to suffer. We know he’s a liar, a swindler, a ‘bitch’ of the Chinese president, a manipulator and a bully. Of course these types of people are gutless pieces of shit which is why they get themselves into positions of power to then inflict pain upon others.
        We’ve gone backwards as a state under this tyrant. We held 1st place for euthanasia laws, abortion laws and many other immoral laws against humanity. Hes brought division to the state and got away with it.
        One can only hope that he is exposed for everything he has done and that all who protest don’t fall into his plan, for he’s like the evil villain in every movie scheming and plotting his next evil move.
        Come on Victoria we are better then this

      2. I can’t believe there are people who see any justification for this action. The police are here to serve the people and protect our property not to enforce the fascist dictates of an insane despot. These police need to face consequences for their actions.

  6. Not only did this woman wear a wig to disguise herself so not to be recognized, and an Australian flag draped around her body, she was there to protest which everybody has the right to. She could have left. She had a choice. She didn’t and faced the consequences. Regardless of her age, she could see what was coming. No sympathy.

  7. Whilst I do not agree with these rallies, the video cleary shows the lady walking towards the police with a man escorting her as if she I s trying to leave the area. There are no other protesters in view. The two police officers charge at her, knock her down and she clearly hits her head. Both officers then pepper spray her and leave her lying on the ground. No-one appears to move to help her. Surely, these officers could have approached her and calmly dealt with her. Their response to her is totally unacceptable.

  8. Can’t believe the police did it for nothing. Being over 60 & female the protests are over the top. It’s just a vaccine to save people’s lives. Protesters have thrown missiles, damaged property, heightened people’s insecurities and mental issues. Why because their not gutsy enough to put a very thin needle in their arm which will save their and others lives. They’d rather cause havoc. Grow Up!

  9. You will need to edit this post as it turns out it was a 34 year old man dressed up and not an old lady. Please reflect this

  10. The women was actually a man with a wig that had one mission that day, to make Police look bad. Don’t believe what you see unless you were there with your own eyes. I don’t see any footage of the female police officer who was forcefully pushed to the ground or the officer who was trampled on in the stampede.

    1. No it is actually an old women with a wig. There are pictures and videos that 100% prove your incorrect. The evidence is there for you to see.

  11. What is wrong with our society when anyone finds it acceptable to treat anyone like that elderly woman was treated. Those 3 officers need to hand in their badges. The public need to wake up. Why aren’t you all terrified of what is happening. Much scarier than coved.


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