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We are excited to introduce a new weekly segment, “A virtual coffee with…”. It’s a chance to get to know some of the people who work in the aged care industry, understand the roles they play and learn about the things that are important to them.

This week we chat to our very own Lauren Todorovic and learn a little more about the founder of HelloCare and CarePage.


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full width no text-01Name: Lauren Todorovic

What organisation/company do you work for? HelloCare/CarePage

What is your position? Founder of CarePage and HelloCare

What role does your organisation play within the aged care industry? HelloCare plays a crucial role in reporting on and to the aged care industry and CarePage provides consumer experience software to aged care homes, ensuring they can deliver an improved service for their residents.

What was your career background before this role? I was a nurse working in aged care and recognised that there was a distinct lack of transparent information to assist people in making aged care decisions.

What does a “normal” day look like?  Well, no two days are the same, which makes it all the more exciting! I spend a lot of my time working on what’s next and how we can constantly improve what we do with our CarePage Business technology. I try to find half a day a week to work on strategy across the Care HQ and provide support to management at both HelloCare and CarePage.


What is your favourite part of the job? Seeing our influence providing positive changes in the industry, however big or small. And when we receive emails or Facebook posts from residents in aged care about the impact our content or information has had on them.

What opportunities do you see in the aged care industry? This is such a fast-growing industry that is so under-resourced. As a community, it is important for us to provide better experiences for our ageing community and I am hopeful that we will start to move further in that direction.

Do you have a pet project, or a goal you are working towards? There is never a moment where we are not tinkering with something in the basement. And we have some really exciting new updates and product releases that we are looking forward to launching soon.

What advice would you give to others considering a job in aged care? Working in aged care is such a rewarding career and it takes a special human to care for the elderly. The advice I would give is to think about why you are choosing to work in this sector and if you have a natural empathy towards older people. If you can’t find the emotional connection with this job, which is obviously preferred, then at the very least the minimum requirement is excellence in service and diligence in the delivery of care, that never waivers. Residents needing your support are some of the communities most vulnerable, and we must strive for excellence. If we make mistakes we need to own it and learn from it. That’s how we grow and become better.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be? Dream big and believe in yourself. The only thing we’ll ever regret in life is the opportunities we don’t take. 

What do you like to do when you are not working? Going for long walks, yoga and spending time with my friends and family. 

Finally, what is your coffee order? A very strong latte!! 


If you, or someone you know would like to join us for a “virtual coffee”, please drop us a line at hello@hellocaremail.com.au

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