Mar 14, 2024

Was I wrong for yelling at my racist grandfather?

Was I wrong for yelling at my racist grandfather?
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A young man is asking whether or not he overreacted after revealing that he yelled at his grandfather during his 75th birthday celebration after the elderly man greeted his new girlfriend with a racial slur.

The post on Reddit’s famed “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) forum has sparked intense debate, shedding light on the sensitive dynamic of racism by older people often being dismissed due to the prevalence of prejudice during their formative years.

In the post, a 29-year-old man told readers he was in a long-term relationship with a 26-year-old woman named Lana.

The interracial nature of the young couple’s relationship had never been a point of contention for anyone in the family, however, everything changed when Lana was invited to attend her boyfriend’s grandfather’s birthday.

While Lana was met with warmth and hospitality from other family members at the birthday party, the mood took a drastic turn when the grandfather, upon meeting Lana, loudly called her a racial slur which silenced the entire room.

The young man revealed that Lana began crying after being subject to the slur which then prompted him to loudly berate his grandfather in front of all of their family family and friends.

Despite the anguish from his grandson, the 75-year-old grandfather continued to play down the severity of his words before telling his grandson outright that there was nothing “wrong” with what he said.

Following this horrible incident, The young man and his girlfriend Lana immediately left the party.

However, much to the young man’s surprise, he received a call from his aunty a few hours later who began yelling at him for screaming at the grandfather at his birthday. She then downplayed the 75-year-old’s culpability in the incident because he grew up in a different time.

Astonishingly, the young man revealed that the majority of his family agreed with his aunty and felt that screaming at the grandfather was a step too far.

Following this backlash from his family, the young man wants to know if he was within his rights to act as he did, or did he take things too far by yelling at his grandfather for his archaic and prejudiced manner of speaking?

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