Sep 08, 2021

“We have got to the desperate stage now”: Elderly couple faces homelessness after government rejects request

Homeless elderly couple

Bev and Peter Fullerton sold their Lake Macquarie home recently to be closer to family in Melbourne, as the couple are both suffering with poor health. 

Peter, 85, has prostate cancer that has spread to his bones, while Bev, 75, is suffering her own issues.

The couple bought an apartment in a Melbourne retirement village, and were due to move this week – as Peter is booked in to have chemotherapy in Melbourne – Bev told 2GB radio host, Ben Fordham.

The couple have prepared carefully. 

They are both fully vaccinated, and received negative results only yesterday to COVID-19 tests. 

Their furniture has been taken south to their new home already.

But the Victorian government has rejected the couple’s request to travel – no reasons given.

The new owners of the Fullerton’s Lake Macquarie home have kindly allowed the couple to stay in the property for an extra two weeks, but they will be required to pay rent.

They are “a lovely young couple,” Bev told Fordham, but “they need to move in because they are now paying a mortgage”.

Peter’s cancer is in his pelvis and spine, and he is “not the least bit well,” Bev said. 

“He’s in a lot of pain.” 

But he can’t start chemotherapy in Lake Macquarie because it would make him so unwell he would be unable to travel to Melbourne, she said.

Without the financial means to stay in a hotel or motel, Bev is concerned the couple could end up homeless.

“Without a permit to travel to their new home they will be homeless within a matter of days,” one of the Fullerton’s friends wrote to Fordham.

The Victorian government needs to show “common sense” and “compassion” and allow the elderly couple to travel to their new home, Fordham told listeners.

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  1. This couple would qualify for EMERGENCY HOUSING immediately .. 21 days accommodation assistance in the most convenient location for them … Dept of Housing should be engaged through Link2home Homelessness ‍1800 152 152

  2. This is an absolutely disgraceful situation Peter and Bev are in. This is effecting many others who are currently caught in another state and can’t go home, or they are prevented from going to work, shop, school or visit family and friends due to border lock downs. We are no longer living in Australia and their rules, but we are living in a state and their rules.
    I would be very happy to offer accommodation to Peter and Bev if required (even through Peter’s chemotherapy if required)

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