Apr 15, 2024

Widowed grandfather could be charged for fatally stabbing masked home intruder

Widowed grandfather could be charged for fatally stabbing masked home intruder

NSW police are currently weighing up whether or not to charge a 66-year-old grandfather after he stabbed and killed one of two armed men who burst into his home during a violent home invasion on the NSW Far North Coast. 

The confrontation, which unfolded in Kingscliff near Tweed Heads, occurred last week when two masked attackers that were armed with an axe stormed the home of Alan Kerr at 8.00pm. 

Kerr, who police have described as ‘frail and living alone’ found himself in a desperate struggle for survival as the intruders mercilessly struck him with the axe, almost severing his hand. 

During the attack, the widowed grandfather managed to grab hold of a knife and deliver a fatal blow to one of the invaders, later identified as 29-year-old Trae Laurie. The other attacker then fled in a silver Toyota Corolla.

When paramedics arrived at the scene, they found home invader Trae Laurie lying lifeless on the home’s verandah after succumbing to his wounds. Kerr, who was in a semi-conscious state with a badly injured hand was airlifted to Gold Coast University Hospital and underwent emergency surgery the following morning.

In the days following this shocking incident, police apprehended a 26-year-old man who they believe to be the other masked intruder who fled the scene. He has been charged with special aggravated break and enter and commit serious indictable offense.

Despite acknowledging that the grandfather acted in self defence, Detective Inspector Matt Zimmer has sparked a wave of online backlash after revealing that they are currently weighing up whether or not charges would be laid on Kerr for stabbing one of the masked intruders. 

“We will be examining the actions of the occupant and if his actions were lawful and reasonable in relation to the threat,” he told reporters.

Neighbours, who had witnessed Kerr’s valiant stand against the invaders, have rallied in support of the grandfather, and are calling for police not to charge the widowed 66-year-old grandfather.

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  1. And if they had killed him with the axe attack they would be released on bail pleading self defence.Are we for real with this crap! Both should face attempted murder charges, alas one won’t see justice.

  2. I cannot believe that I am reading this. We’re supposed to feel safe in our own home, these violent thugs break into a house and expect everyone to get out there way and just let them do it is what the justice system is saying to them, and that that Detective is considering charging the poor victim, ( the detective must be related to the thugs).
    Australia soon will be a free for all, wellhave to find somewhere else to migrate too!


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