Jul 27, 2023

William’s story: From personal trainer to working with children with disability

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William’s history of sport pushed him towards physiotherapy but he never expected his career to venture into paediatric therapy for kids with disabilities. [Source: Supplied]

“If you’d asked me two years ago, I would never have even considered paediatric disability work,” explained specialist physiotherapist, William. 

“Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

With the goal to work in sports physiotherapy, William pursued a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree, but that trajectory changed during his final semester elective placement.

During the placement, William worked with children with disability and experienced a new environment that changed the path his career would take. 

William now runs a mobile physiotherapy practice that specialises in supporting children with disability.

“It was another level of fulfilment that I’ve never experienced before,” said William.

Williams fondly recounts the story of a patient he helped learn to walk, saying, “She went from taking ten steps initially with a walker to taking 150 steps all by herself! I can just picture it in my head, her face the first time I met her versus a year and a half later.”

William describes his work as multifaceted. 

“It can be very fun, but also challenging as you play multiple roles,” he explained.

A day in William’s life at work can range from liaising with health professionals, being a good listener, or providing emotional support for families.

As part of his mobile service, William heads to children’s homes or schools to conduct their therapy. He also educates families and carers on ongoing support exercises and advises on necessary equipment such as wheelchairs.

In William’s opinion, the care and support sector is a great fit for people who can be quick on their feet, adaptable, and expect the unexpected. He urges people to give care and support work a try, even if it’s a sector they may never have thought about working in.

“I honestly think my purpose in this life is to give back as much as I can and change as many people’s lives as possible,” William said. 

“You might end up loving it and finding a true sense of purpose, and the world would gain another much-needed care and support worker.”

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