Wise Australians share stories of love, friendship, fear and failure

With stories that range from the joys and trials of parenthood, to the impact of a racial insult and the experience of being involved in the historic Granville train disaster, WiseLines offers a glimpse into the moments that define a person, offering deep insight into who they are, and the human condition.

This brand new web series talks to iconic figures of the Australian mediascape, welcoming us into their worlds as they impart pieces of wisdom learned throughout their varied and storied lives.

Featuring six well known Australians, WiseLines covers topics from love, friendship and parenting, right through to fear, failure and death. Over 11 episodes, the six subjects dive into what these powerful topics mean to them, culminating in individual profile episodes about their past histories and growing up. The final episode sees the experts open up about what the future may hold for us.

WiseLines offers the unique opportunity to receive meaningful insight from the lived experiences of artist and environmentalist Jenny Kee, actress and storyteller Noni Hazelhurst, business leader and mentor Wendy McCarthy, journalist and author Mike Carlton, former Test cricketer and refugee advocate Ian Chappell and business leader and environmentalist Geoff Cousins.

Produced by One Stone Pictures in association with media entrepreneur Anita Jacoby, WiseLines can be found on Facebook, with new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

“In these unsettling times, WiseLines goes to the heart of wisdom and captures it first-hand.

“Our interviewees have lived big lives. In talking about the human condition, they offer us a sense of normality, reality and ‘wise lines’ about insights they have gained,” Anita Jacoby said.

“These are individuals who have altered the landscape of Australian society. Having both gained and lost a lot during their lives, they talk candidly about what has shaped them. Their seemingly disparate journeys reveal a commonality in us all.”

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