Nov 17, 2020

Women swindle $800,000 from ninety-five year old man

Two women have been accused of swindling a 95 year old man out of his life savings over a two-and-a-half year period. The women, who have been described as committing the ultimate betrayal, were his carer and his solicitor, who used their proximity to the man to obtain the funds through deception. 

One of the women, a 59 year old from Sanctuary Point on NSW’s south coast, was arrested by police in September, and charged with allegedly transferring more than $275,000 from the man’s account between February 2018 and July 2020 while caring for him. 

The other woman, a 62 year old who was working as his solicitor, allegedly changed the recipients of his estate on his will. The change named the two women as beneficiaries, allowing them to collect the remainder of his estate. It is also alleged that during this time, the 62 year old helped the younger woman purchase a house without the older man’s knowledge using the man’s funds. 

The 59 year old was charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception and was released on bail. She is set to appear before court on December 21. The older woman has been charged with four counts of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception, and will appear in court in January. 

The police investigation into the matter is continuing. 

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