Jun 26, 2023

‘Wouldn’t It Be Lovely’ if every facility had volunteers like Nick?

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Nick Margan, 27, is a regular visitor of Brisbane’s Regis Aged Care facility where he encourages residents to dance and sing along to familiar classics. [Source: ABC News/ Sarah Richards]

A young volunteer is bringing light and laughter to the residents of a Brisbane aged care home.

Nick Margan, 27, visits Regis Aged Care in Brisbane’s northwest regularly with an arsenal of moves and vintage classic songs to share with his older friends. Nick has Down syndrome and his love of music is infectious, often playing old-time tunes such as ‘Wouldn’t It Be Lovely’, ‘Que Sera, Sera’, and ‘Love and Marriage’ for residents to sing along to. 

Nick said his visits are one of his favourite days of the week. He is a diligent visitor, never missing a session – even on his birthday!

“Music is a part of my life because singing is what I am, and singing makes me happy,” Nick told ABC News

Screenshot 2023-06-26 113245
Nick hosting his sing-and-dance-along for residents at the facility. [Source: ABC News/ Sarah Richards]

One resident, 79-year-old Emillia “Millie” Fulwood, looks forward to Nick’s visits which warm her heart and instils a maternal feeling towards him.

Nick first approached Brisbane’s Regis Aged Care facilities in hopes to secure a volunteering opportunity. The facility’s Volunteer Coordinator, Vicki Bavich, conducted the interview with him and could see Nick was an entertainer with a compassionate heart who would bring joy to residents.

“Through the interview, he talked about his music,” she also told ABC News.

“So, I thought, well, the best place for him to be is to be involved with the singalong.”

Two years later, Ms Bavich said Mr Margan’s singalongs consistently draw a crowd.

Do you have any valued volunteers like Nick at your facility? Let us know in the comments below. 

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