Aug 23, 2021

100-year-old woman sets Guinness World Record for weightlifting

100-year-old woman sets Guinness World Record for weightlifting

As a person enters the latter stages of their life, the rate at which their strength diminishes is based upon usage. If you don’t use it, you most certainly lose it, but it is never too late to try and whip yourself back into shape.

Edith Murway-Traina, who is 100 years old, first ventured into a gym at the age of 91, when a 75-year-old friend invited her to give it a go.

“Here I was lifting weights pretending I was Charles Atlas,” said Edith.

“And I thought, it’s not so bad … maybe I can do this again another time, so I did.”

Soon after her introduction to the world of weightlifting, Edith decided to employ the services of a personal trainer three days a week. Soon thereafter, she committed to challenging herself even further and began entering competitions.

“It is such a challenge, and to do it at that level at that age is mind-blowing,” said trainer Bill Berkley, from Strong Life Tampa Bay.

Edith’s presence in her local gym has become a point of inspiration for many. Earlier this year, the centenarian caught the attention of Guinness World Records, who honoured the grandmother by recognising her as the world’s oldest powerlifter. 

Being named in the Guinness Book of World Records has a unique personal significance for Edith, whose mother was an avid reader of the book. 

The weightlifter’s mother also used the feats within the book as an example to a young Edith that anything is possible.

“She loved the Guinness Book of Records and she used to thumb through it lots of times to see all the people who could do things that people said they never could,” shared Edith.

While the physical benefits of exercise are well known, Edith has also relished the ego-boost that comes from wowing the public. 

“When I lift that [barbell] up and I get some applause, that’s all I need, that does it for my ego,” said Edith.

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