Sep 01, 2021

Hugh Jackman reacts to teary-eyed grandfather watching The Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman reacts to grandfather watching The Greatest Showman

Audiences across the globe were enthralled by the onscreen theatrics, but very few were as moved as one particular grandfather in the UK whose reactions to watching the movie were captured on camera by his grandson, Charlie. 

According to Charlie, his grandfather is living with second-stage vascular dementia, the results of which had begun to take a significant toll on the elderly man’s happiness.

In an attempt to cheer the grandfather up, Charlie decided to take his grandfather to a sing-a-long screening of The Greatest Showman.

According to reports, Charlie packed a picnic of food for the duo’s outing and it was clear from the grandfather’s smile that he was enjoying the introduction to the movie.

When asked if he was enjoying himself, the thankful grandfather began to nod while his eyes remained firmly fixed on the screen.The heartwarming video of the grandfather’s reaction quickly gathered a lot of positive attention on social media, as the elderly man smiled and sang along during songs like “A Million Dreams” and “From Now On”.

One notable viewer who also happened to come across the video was famed Aussie actor and star of The Greatest Showman, Hugh Jackman.

Hugh even shared a snippet of the video on his Twitter account accompanied by the following statement.

According to Charlie, his grandfather did not expect the overwhelming reaction to the video, but his reaction to the news of Hugh Jackman’s personal message was nothing short of being shocked.

“Bloody hell!” said Charlie’s grandfather.

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  1. Really loved this movie and watched it again the night before last. All reports tell me Hugh is a lovely man as well as a great performer. I`m so pleased grandfather enjoyed himself.


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