Dec 07, 2019

5 minutes with Pat Sparrow, ACSA and Catherine Walker, Bethanie Group

5 minutes with Pat Sparrow, CEO ACSA and Catherine Walker, GM Organisational Capability Bethanie Group

HelloCare’s creative director, Jakob Neeland had the pleasure of sitting down with ACSA CEO, Pat Sparrow. The pair discussed the impact of media on the aged care sector, the recent interim report and the need to remind people of the opportunities of working in care.


Later Jakob met with Catherine Walker from Bethanie at the “Strengthening the Aged Care Workforce” conference, as she shared some valuable insights regarding culture change and customer-centricity in the aged care space.

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  1. Well Pat mentioned having the right mix of staff and having people work in aged care with the elderly because they want to work with elderly people. What about all the foureigners who are like over 70% of the aged care force. Can you honestly believe that every 20 yr old on a visa that can hardly talk eligible English wants to work in the aged care sector? I would say that it is another way to keep wages down in the sector by hiring very “green” under trained staff. Has anyone thought that there is a deal going on here? As long as they outnumber Aussies in the sector there will be no change for us particularly wages growth. I have never seen one of them yet spend that extra few minutes with a dear resident let alone go out of their way to reassure them. I don’t understand how Catherine can sound so positive! 2 yrs learning about the aged care sector? Unless you work in the sector as a carer I feel you have no right to sit there and pretend there is only an 18% turnover of staff. I find that an absute joke.


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