Jul 20, 2021

54-year-old mother of infected twin sons dies at home from COVID-19

Police tape crime stoppers

Neighbours told The Daily Mail the woman, who was only 54, had barely shown any symptoms, and had only tested positive three days before she died.

The woman lived with her two sons, twins Roni and Ramsin Shawka, her husband and another daughter.

After news of the mother’s death began to spread, family arrived at the home the woman shared, but were told to remain in their cars by police, who locked down the entire street.

Three family members who lived with the woman waited in separate cars while authorities removed the body from the house. Police communicated with them via speaker phone.

Authorities in personal protective equipment came and went from the house, according to reports.

The family remained in the cars for up to six hours, after which they returned to their home.

Removalists Roni and Ramsin came to notoriety after NSW Health contacted them in Orange in regional NSW to inform Roni he had tested positive to the highly infectious Delta strain of COVID-19.

Soon after, two other men, Ramsin and Shanki, in the delivery van were confirmed as COVID-19 positive, too.

Rather than returning home immediately, the men continued on to deliver a load in Molong, before they were escorted back to Sydney by police.

The twins and Shanki have been charged with breaching public health orders and will face Orange Local Court on August 30. They face possible fines of $11,000 each and up to six months in jail.

The men were tested under new measures that require ‘essential workers’ from Fairfield, Liverpool and Canterbury-Bankstown to undergo regular COVID-19 testing if they plan to leave their Local Government Area – now the epicentre of the Sydney outbreak which has reached 1,242 infections.

After being tested, workers only need to isolate if they have symptoms. The men said they did not experience symptoms.

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