Jun 18, 2020

90-Year-Old Couple Reunited After Wife Recovers From COVID-19

There wasn’t a dry eye in the building last week as an elderly couple who had been married for 67-years were finally reunited after being forced apart for five weeks due to COVID-19.

Joyce Hoffman, 90, had been living alongside her beloved husband Don in the Hooverwood Living retirement community in the US, before testing positive for coronavirus on May 1.

The pair had not spent any time away from each other in almost seven decades, but sadly, Joyce’s positive test meant that she was forced to spend five weeks away from Don in a separate facility while she received treatment.

After her struggle with the virus, Joyce was finally released from the COVID-19 unit on June 11 and her family and the staff at the facility had cameras rolling as they surprised Don with the return of his wife.

Footage shows an unsuspecting Don looking out of a window before being approached by a staff member who asked Don if he would be able to hold some flowers for her.

As the staff member handed Don the flowers the staff member then asked Don if she could turn his wheelchair around for a moment, which led to Don laying eyes on his beautiful wife Joyce and a collection of delighted friends and family.

Overcome with emotion, Don struggled for words as the return of his darling wife quickly turned from hope into reality.

“Oh, all right. All right, all right. Oh, honey!” said Don, while Hooverwood staff and family members cheered.

This touching reunion culminated as both Don and Joyce’s wheelchairs edged close enough to one another that they grabbed each other’s hands and began to kiss them.

“I have to cry from happiness. I have to cry!”, says Don. “You look so wonderful! You look so beautiful!”

“How can you be so cute?” Joyce replied.

A staff member at Hooverwood told local news that every resident who ‘graduates’ from the facilities COVID unit receives a parade from staff members.

However, this particular celebration was especially touching because it was a surprise reunion for both Joyce and Don.

According to family members, the time spent apart had been ‘extremely hard’ for both Don and Joyce, but judging by this beautiful reunion, they won’t be leaving each other’s sight again for a very long time.

Photo/Video credit Hooverwood Living Facebook

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