Jul 13, 2021

94-year-old grandmother fulfils long overdue wedding day wish

Grandma wedding dress

Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker had hoped to wear a wedding dress on her wedding day in 1954, but sadly, the 94-year-old was unable to do so as black women in the state of Alabama were not allowed in bridal shops at the time.

The first steps toward this overdue happy ending were taken when Ms Tucker’s granddaughter, Angela Stozier, overheard her grandmother mutter that “she always wanted to try on a wedding dress,” while the pair were watching a movie together. 

Upon hearing her grandmother’s remarks, Ms Stozier decided to action plans that would make her grandmother’s wishes a reality, telling reporters that she knew that she could make that happen.

Shortly after the movie, Ms Stozier went online and booked her grandmother an appointment at David’s Bridal and contacted a local makeup artist to create a genuine wedding day experience.

Ms Tucker arrived at the bridal shop sporting stylish wedding makeup and tried on two stunning bridal gowns while family and friends wiped away tears of joy. 

Despite being completely enthralled in her wedding day experience, even Ms Tucker herself took a moment to reflect on just how beautiful she looked. 

“I felt like I was getting married,” she said. “I didn’t want to take it off but I knew I had to. I looked good in it, though.”

The wedding experience was just one of Ms Tucker’s bucket list items that have been fulfilled by her grandchildren. The grandmother has now set her sights on completing more dreams, which include visiting places like Israel and Hawaii.

“Our grandmother sacrificed so much for us,” said Ms Stozier.

“She has always told us to give her flowers while she’s still here, not when she’s gone, so she can enjoy them,” Strozier said. “So, whenever she expresses that she wants to do something, wants to go somewhere, wants to experience something, we try our best to make it happen.”

Ms Stozier added, “She’s our grandmother and to have a grandmother so full of life at 94 is a blessing.”

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