Dec 21, 2021

‘Nana Baubles’ achieves world record with more than 1,700 Christmas decorations

Nana Baubles
Image: Guinness World Records / YouTube.

“My son, who lived in Brighton, invited us to spend New Year with him,” she explained to Guinness World Records

“We went to a friend’s house for a drink and, when I walked in, they had the baubles on the ceiling. 

“It was fantastic. I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is wonderful.’ 

“They were from all over the world. And then I thought, ‘I’m going to try this,’” shared Ms Pope.

The grandmother set out to recreate the effect, and began collecting baubles so enthusiastically, she now owns 1,760 – and holds the Guiness World Record for the largest collection of Christmas bauble ornaments.

She predicts her collection will grow to more than 2,000 within two years!

‘Nana Baubles’, as she is now known, owns baubles from all over the world.

Some come from iconic British department stores, such as Liberty and Harrods, while others were brought back by loved ones from overseas. 

A few have sentimental value, like the little red bauble given to Nana Baubles by her great-grandson.

While others have unusual shapes, like crab and lobster-shaped baubles, hamburgers and popcorn ornaments, and ones shaped like telephone boxes and Disney characters. 

There is even one with Nana Bauble’s name on it!

A beautiful Royal Tea bauble was a gift from her granddaughter and is her most valuable item.

A Royal Doulton bauble was part of a special edition created for the Queen’s Golden Anniversary and also holds a special place in Nana Bauble’s heart.

Nana Baubles’ decorations cover the ceiling in her home, and many surfaces, too.

“Once I get my baubles up on the ceiling they know Christmas is around the corner,” she said.

“Last year, I did leave them up all year. It was alright. People came in and they said, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s Christmas already.’ They’ve been up there for 12 months now. They need to be washed and then I’ll put them all up again,” she explained.

Image: Guinness World Records / YouTube.

Nana Baubles’s own childhood Christmases were family affairs.

Christmas was the only day of the year the family ate chicken. On Christmas morning, Ms Pope would find a stocking filled with an orange and nuts, and then she would go downstairs to open a present. 

The grandmother was usually given one present for her birthday and Christmas combined, as her birthday falls on Boxing Day.

It wasn’t a lot, Nana Baubles reminisced, but they were happy.

“We weren’t very well off, we didn’t have a lot, and that is why today I will do what I can and afford what I can afford to have a good Christmas for the children.”

She added, “I think Christmas is a wonderful time to excite the children, so I do believe you should do the best you can for them.”

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