Aug 20, 2021

A better level of care: Why you’ll never need to worry about visiting hours again

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From at-home services for help around the house and providing medical assistance, to bringing our elders into our homes to be closer to family while they still maintain their independence, for some the level of care needed for elderly family members may be a little more than we can provide.

Which is why finding suitable care to meet their needs leads families to consider moving their loved ones to an aged care facility, where they will be looked after and have the attention and care they need.

Yet, no matter how genuine a family’s intentions are for the wellbeing of their loved ones, it is not uncommon for a certain level of guilt to accompany such major decision-making.

Regardless of how reputable an aged care facility may be, it can be difficult for an older person to be separated from their family and community.

The worry

The decision to place a loved one in an aged care facility is not something taken lightly or made on a whim, and in most cases, health is the number one reason for taking this path.

Even though a family knows it’s for the best, there will always be concern and worry about their parents’ wellbeing, such as loneliness or inadequate care.

Also, for many, regular visits to elderly parents can be difficult for several reasons.

Added care

When it comes to loved ones, families always want to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re safe, regardless of if they’re a young baby or an elderly parent.

The Arlo Essential Indoor Camera allows families to do this with its 1080p Full HD video and night vision features.

It can help put worried relatives’ minds at ease, while staying in contact with loved ones when time, or restrictions, forbid it.

It not only helps keep a caring eye on a family member, but also lets loved ones stay in contact, while protecting their privacy, giving everyone peace of mind – all with one device.

By placing the camera in a parent’s or elderly person’s room at a nursing home or aged care facility, families can keep a watchful eye on their wellbeing day or night.

The Arlo Essential Indoor Camera can also be set up with motion detection, sending notifications directly to a mobile phone should someone enter a resident’s room, or if they get up during the night.

This feature is ideal for anyone that may have concerns about how their loved one is being treated, or if they have limited mobility, allowing a family member to raise an alarm should anything happen.

A constant companion

Life can get busy in ways no-one never expected, whether through work or family commitments, leaving little time to visit loved ones. The COVID pandemic has also shown how things can go from normal to lockdown in a heartbeat, turning weekly visits to months-long absences.

The Arlo Essential Indoor Camera’s 2-Way Audio feature enables families to stay in contact with loved ones, no matter the time or distance. By simply activating the feature through a smartphone, it’s possible to have an uninterrupted conversation with a family member or their carer day or night, without ever worrying about visiting hours again.

Peace of mind

While everyone always wants to keep an eye on their loved ones, especially when they can’t get access to them easily, there are times when a little privacy is needed.

Equipped with the Automated Privacy Shield, a family member can deactivate audio and visual recording to ensure complete privacy for their loved one. With a simple press of a button from a smartphone, the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera shuts down, providing total privacy and peace of mind.

Keep your world safe

An elderly parent’s or relative’s wellbeing is a high priority for so many families in Australia, along with the quality of their care. The Arlo Essential Indoor Camera is a way to maintain that care and closeness, even when distance and time keep everyone apart.

For more information on the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera, or any of the Arlo range, please visit

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