Oct 18, 2021

A Victorian grandmother has been jailed for sneaking into South Australia

A Victorian grandmother has been jailed for sneaking into South Australia

Pauline Briggs was arrested at an Adelaide hotel last week after fleeing her hometown of Mildura, which is currently one of the few regional Victorian areas in lockdown.

She had been staying at the Pullman Hotel with friends Colby Higgins and Tammy Bustard who were also arrested for breaching border restriction protocols. 

Ms Briggs wept in the courtroom as the judge revealed that she would be spending the next month behind bars.

She tearfully told the court that crossing the border was a “mistake” and that it was “stupid”, before pleading guilty to all charges.

Ms Briggs’ co-accused friends did not apply for bail and they will remain in police custody until they face court this week. 

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  1. Am i missing the point?
    Are we supposed to feel sympathy for this woman just because she is a grandmother?
    She and her friends decided to ignore state border restrictions. their actions risked increasing the spread of the Covid virus by encouraging a community attitude that “the rules don’t apply to me.”
    Yet many many other people are coping with various hardships and inconveniences in order to limit the spread of the virus.
    I for instance am in a nursing home with a current policy of “no visitors, no going out”. This is not easy for me or my family but we cope with this because we understand that these restrictions are for the greater good.
    We have very little sympathy for people who choose to ignore the rules and restrictions. Even if they are grandmothers.

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