Nov 11, 2021

Elderly man with walking frame steals Remembrance Day donation tins

Elderly man with walking frame steals Remembrance Day donations tins

Lilydale locals were left stunned upon realising that the same elderly suspect strolled into a bank, a newsagent, and a podiatrist’s office on separate days and made off with the tins without drawing suspicion.

The money that was taken had been raised through the sale of commemorative Remembrance Day poppies, which was set to be donated to the welfare of Australian military veterans.

The theft has sparked outrage in the Lilydale community, with many locals left in disbelief at the age of the suspect, given that the money was meant to aid senior veterans.

Chris Newell from the local RSL told Channel 7 reporters that the theft of the Remembrance Day donations was a “big kick in the guts”.

Local man Bill Dobson of the Lilydale RSL also denounced the actions of the elderly thief and highlighted the need to support our veterans by sharing a personal story.

“We had a younger veteran who is struggling, so we’ve been paying his utility bills,” said Mr Dobson.

Australians are expected to flock to Remembrance Day services all across the country today to pay their respects to veterans past and present.

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  1. If we are to suppose that the elderly mans actions were callous (and I am not saying they are not or condoning them) then I am also supposing that maybe his situation must be pretty bad. Without knowing any of the facts of the situation are his actions callous or desperate. Either way I hope he is caught.


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