Oct 14, 2021

A young girl’s ‘handmade’ gifts are warming the hearts of aged care residents

A young girl’s ‘Handmade’ gifts are warming the hearts of aged care residents
13-year-old Brianna hard at work on her 'Handmade' creations.

The emotional impact of separation from family and friends has been difficult for all age groups, but one creative Year 7 student has set out on a mission to ensure that the oldest and wisest members of our community know that they are valued.

Over the past two months, 13-year-old student, Brianna has been putting smiles on the faces of elderly residents at Northern Gardens Aged Care, by creating adorable hand-shaped ornaments.

Brianna hand hold
Northern Gardens resident Androull holding hands with Brianna's handy work.

“Please know you will also have my hand to hold,” reads the adorable message on each glove.

What started out as a few ornaments has steadily grown to 60, which is enough for every resident at Northern Gardens Aged Care to have a hand to hold. 

Recently, Brianna visited Northern Gardens Aged Care to deliver her ‘handmade’ creations herself.


Residents at the home were both happy and humbled upon receiving their thoughtful gifts and Northern Gardens Home Manager, Susan, revealed that residents are still asking her to send their appreciation to the young girl who gave them a new hand to hold.

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