Oct 14, 2020

Additional government support announced for aged care hotspots

Designed to minimise the risk of infection to aged care workers, residents and other consumers of aged care services, the Support for Aged Care Workers in COVID-19 (SACWIC) Grant Opportunity was initially available to providers located in, or with staff located in, Greater Melbourne and Mitchell Shire until 26 October 2020.

The Government has now agreed to further extend the grant period to 30 November 2020. While the COVID-19 situation in Victoria is easing, this further extension of funding will allow workers continue to be supported to work at a single site in an effort to minimise the risk of ongoing outbreaks.

Approved providers can apply for funding up until 30 June 2021 to cover the costs of supporting eligible workers during the period to 30 November 2020:

  • who normally work at multiple residential aged care facilities, but will be working solely at the facility being applied for
  • who are not to work because they have been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive, require testing or are subject to self-isolation or quarantine requirements
  • to undertake training in the event a skills gap arises from where existing workers are not to work due to experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or are subject to self-isolation or quarantine requirements.

You can view the Grant Opportunity and documentation at Support for Aged Care Workers in COVID-19 (GO4215) Program.

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