May 28, 2024

Aged Care Worker Sentenced to Life In Prison For Killing of Resident

Aged Care Worker Sentenced to Life In Prison For Killing of Resident
Jacob Anthony Hoysted had an obsession with serial killers and animal cruelty. [Supplied].

An aged care worker who was obsessed with serial killers has been sentenced to life in prison for the cold-blooded murder of a senior in his care.

Jacob Anthony Hoysted appeared in The Supreme Court of Western Australia yesterday where the court heard the shocking details of his actions which resulted in the death of 70-year-old Monica Stockdale in her aged care home in Albany, WA in late 2022. 

Hoysted, who was only 19 at the time, brutally killed Ms Stockdale, a resident with early onset dementia and a recent hip fracture.

Initially, her death was recorded as a peaceful passing in her sleep. However, the attending doctor refused to sign the death certificate, deeming the circumstances suspicious and prompting a post-mortem examination.

This examination revealed severe injuries, including neck bruising, abrasions, and fractured ribs, leading to Hoysted’s arrest and subsequent confession.

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that Hoysted had initially attempted to smother Ms Stockdale with a pillow, then used an electrical cord to strangle her before finally snapping her neck with his hands.

The attack lasted around half an hour, during which Ms Stockdale struggled desperately. Despite the call bell going off multiple times, no one responded to her distress signals, which might have otherwise prevented the crime.

State prosecutor James Mactaggart described the attack as “almost the perfect crime,” noting that it was only the doctor’s intervention that prevented Hoysted from getting away with murder.

Hoysted attempted to cover his tracks by cleaning the crime scene and discarding incriminating items.

Hoysted’s defence lawyer, Simon Freitag, argued that his client believed he was performing a “mercy killing” to end Ms Stockdale’s suffering. However, the court heard that Ms Stockdale was not in the severe pain Hoysted claimed, and his actions were driven by a troubled mental state rather than compassion.

Hoysted had a history of mental health issues, including a fascination with death and violent behaviour towards animals, which Freitag highlighted as indicative of his unsuitability for caregiving roles.

Justice Natalie Whitby, while acknowledging Hoysted’s youth and his guilty plea, firmly rejected his claim of reduced moral culpability. She sentenced him to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 22 years, emphasising that it is not for individuals to decide if someone should die.

Ms Stockdale’s family expressed a mixture of relief and sorrow following the sentencing. Her son, Matthew Stockdale, stated that while the verdict was just, it could not undo the trauma of losing his mother in such a horrific manner. He criticised the care facility’s management, calling for higher standards to prevent such tragedies in the future.

This case underscores the critical importance of rigorous vetting and support systems in aged care facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable residents.

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  1. Life imprisonment with a minimum of 22 years. This I don’t understand. Life should mean life!


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