Feb 12, 2024

Aged care worker seriously mauled by dog at client’s house

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Aged care worker Lynda Watson (pictured left and right) was mauled for about 20 minutes at her client’s home. [Source: The Daily Telegraph]

An aged care worker is in hospital with serious injuries after being mauled by a dog residing at a client’s home in Sydney’s Condell Park last week, a warning to other home carers to be wary when arriving at a job. 

Lynda Watson, 51, is in Liverpool Hospital’s intensive care unit with bandages on 90% of her body after sustaining several bites to her arms, legs and torso by what is believed to be an American or French Mastiff last Tuesday.

Upon hearing her screams, tradesmen working in the area attempted to help Ms Watson and stop the dog from attacking her, with no luck. She was said to have been mauled for about 20 minutes. 

One of the men who ran to Ms Watson’s aid, who identified himself only as Mohamad, told Daily Mail Australia these animals should not be allowed.

It is believed the dog was a rescue that belonged to the son of the house owner and was usually locked in the backyard. The dog was inside when Ms Watson arrived, sparking the attack. The house owner was said to be home and tried to assist unsuccessfully with the dog owner out at the time of the attack. 

Footage later emerged of NSW Police arriving and officers were forced to taser the dog to make it stop.

The dog was later seized by Blacktown Council and euthanised.

Ms Watson’s family told The Daily Telegraph she is lucky to be alive and has already had two operations to clean and repair wounds, and to save her left arm. 

They have since set up a GoFundMe to help with her medical costs during her lengthy recovery.

She was due to undergo another operation on Sunday night.

Police are still investigating the attack and charges could be issued.

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  1. Workers compensation AND Medicare covers the cost of lost income, pain, suffering and the health care. This is Australia.

    1. Workers Compensation takes time to come though. And I bet she has rent and bills to pay also.
      Also if there is any immediate family or travel costs associated for travelling, they may need money also.
      Additionally not all health and mobile aid equipments are covered by Medicare or WC. But if you are in the industry, you no doubt know this.
      There are quite a few gaps still in our healthcare system, unfortunately, and I doubt this poor woman is in a position to deal with them right now.

  2. That poor lady, hurt through just trying to do her job. Glad the dog has been put down and can’t do this to anyone else. The pain and shock must have been horrendous. Wishing Lynda strength in her recovery.


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