Sep 28, 2021

ANZ bank agrees to reimburse grandfather who transferred $71,000 to wrong account

ANZ bank agrees to reimburse grandfather who transferred $71,000 to wrong account

Bundaberg resident Gordon Layton made news headlines earlier this month after appearing on A Current Affair and revealing that the recipient of his accidental $71K deposit had quickly withdrawn the money and refused to give it back.

The money was intended to pay a company that had moved Mr Layton’s constructed house to his block of land. Unfortunately, the transaction mishap left Mr Layton without money to pay the house movers.

This resulted in the company threatening the grandfather with legal action to reclaim the money that they are owed.

In response to Mr Laytons financial struggles, his family started an online fundraiser and pooled together their money to pay the house movers. 

Despite the good news, Mr Layton is still living in a shed as he does not have the money to renovate his home, which currently has no kitchen, no running water and plaster falling from the roof.

Mr Layton’s daughter Jacqui Morrison-White revealed the good news in an update to his fundraiser page. 

“We are so happy to advise that the ANZ bank have contacted us to tell us that they are going to reimburse Gordon a good portion of the money that was stolen from him when he accidentally transferred this amount to the wrong account,” said Ms Morrison-White.

“The ANZ bank have said that they have identified some processes that they could have managed better to ensure that the unintended recipient could not take all of the money after receiving it.”

While they have agreed to reimburse a large portion of the original amount, there was still a shortfall. However, with the combined generosity of every person who has kindly donated to our GoFundMe page and the contribution of our family, we are happy to advise that Gordon is only out of pocket by a few thousand dollars.”

According to police, the recipient of Mr Layton’s accidental $71,400 transaction is a man by the name of Ron Stakenburg who was hired by Mr Layton to certify the plans for his new house.

Mr Stakenburg recently appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court charged with stealing property of value exceeding $5,000.

The case has now been adjourned until October 18.

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