Sep 16, 2020

Attack on 84 year old WA man upgraded to murder

Emiliano Lombardi was out the front of his Perth home on August 16th when a 28 year old man attacked, bashing him and slashing him with broken glass. Two weeks later, the 84 year old died at Royal Perth Hospital due to injuries sustained in the attack. 

The man accused of the attack, Quade Karsum Jones, was initially charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent, however after homicide detectives took over the case, his charge has been upgraded to murder. 

Earlier this month, Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan offered his sympathies to the Lombardi family. 

“Nobody, especially our elderly and most vulnerable, should have to suffer like this, nor be afraid outside their own home,” he posted on social media.

“My own parents are approaching Mr Lombardi’s age – I can only imagine how his family are feeling today.”

The bashing murder of Emiliano Lombardi was just one of the many crimes the 28 year old committed on the night of August 16th. On an alleged crime spree through the Perth suburb of East Cannington and surrounds, Jones has also been accused of indecently assaulting a woman in her 40s, striking a woman in her 20s with a metal sign, robbing a man in his 20s, and criminal damage.

Quade Karsum Jones was arrested at a Perth train station last month, and is set to face Magistrates court on Wednesday. 

Image Source: WA Police

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