Sep 23, 2021

Aussie grandmother shows the world the easiest way to fold a fitted sheet

How do I fold a fitted sheet?

An Australian grandmother is teaching millions of Gen Z TikTok users how to expertly fold a fitted sheet before you even take it off the clothesline.

Footage of the grandmother’s sheet folding mastery was uploaded by TikTok user Amy and has now been viewed more than four million times. 

Standing in front of an iconic Hills Hoist, the grandmother starts the process with the maroon bed sheet evenly spread and still hanging from the clothesline.


Next, the grandmother folds one side of the sheet back in towards the middle line, before walking to the open side of the sheet and folding that side back towards the centre until both sides of the sheet are touching.

gran 5

With all edges now squared away, the grandmother carefully folds the sheet onto itself to reduce the width. Next, she slowly removes the sheet from the clothesline and continues to fold it in half until it becomes an easy to store size.

gran 3

To watch the video of the Aussie grandmother’s fantastical fitted sheet folding – click HERE.

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  1. Why does this woman have to be called an “Aussie grandmother” rather than being given a name and acknowledged as an individual?

  2. What an insight into ‘social media’ and/or the current generation! Doesn’t take much to ‘go viral’ as they say! Or maybe it’s the first time they’ve seen a clothes line. Scary!


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