Sep 20, 2022

Australia’s oldest man passes away aged 110

Australia's oldest man passes away aged 110

Australia’s oldest man, Frank Mawer, has passed away peacefully in his sleep aged 110-years-old this week. 

Mr Mawer celebrated his 110th birthday on August 15, but sadly contracted COVID-19 in the following weeks.

His son Barry said it was a peaceful passing.

“He lived life to the full even in recent months. He insisted on sitting up for meals, he did his exercises every day, and had plenty of visitors,” Barry said.

“He went to have his afternoon nap on Saturday afternoon and never woke up.”

Mr Mawer was born in 1912, marrying his sweetheart Elizabeth in 1939. The couple had six children, 13 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and two great, great-grandchildren. Elizabeth passed away in 2011, aged 92.

Mr Mawer proved you can have a fulfilling life past 100, having lived independently – with support from HammondCare – in his own home up until November of last year.

Following a fall, Mr Mawer moved from Sydney’s southern suburbs to live with his son, Philip and partner, Stuart, at Central Tilba on the New South Wales South Coast. 

When asked about his tips for a long life, Mr Mawer said he always avoided smoking, drinking and gambling.

“These are three things you can choose. The way you live makes a difference. And the schooling costs of my six children was a worthy investment,” Mr Mawer said in 2020.

He was also fond of Portuguese tarts from a local bakery, having never lost his sweet tooth.

Mike Baird, HammondCare Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said the organisation was honoured to have supported Mr Mawer throughout his time in Sydney and Central Tilba.

“Mr Frank was the most inspiring individual – a gracious man and a man of faith,” Mr Baird said.

Mr Mawer inherited the title of Australia’s oldest man in July of 2021 after former veterinary surgeon and outback grazier, Dexter Kruger, passed away aged 111 in Roma, Queensland.

The oldest living Australian is still believed to be 110-year-old Queenslander Gwendoline Moore, who was born in 1911, followed by 109-year-old West Australian Dulcie Fawcett.

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