Jul 15, 2021

Baby Maycie never fails to brighten the day of residents

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High school students learn the value of volunteering in aged care

Volunteering in Australia has been on the decline, particularly among young people, for a while – particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

5 Mysteries About the Human Brain That Are Baffling Neuroscience

The most complicated thing in the entire universe is the Human Brain. It is made up numerous neurons – equal to the galaxy’s stars! Science is yet to completely understand the mysteries of the human mind. However, experts are gradually unfolding the mysteries of neuroscience. Here is a list of some of the human mind’s mysteries:... Read More

Books, books, books – a fun way of turning the tide

Books have always been an integral part of my life. Back in the day, children such as I were called book worms. Is that still a thing amongst the digitally-hooked young today? Anyway, I was, and I still am, one such, now balancing my reading between loyalty to physical books and the convenience of ebooks. Read More