Aug 18, 2021

Bride faces backlash after banning groom’s grandmother from wedding reception

Bride faces backlash after banning groom’s grandmother from wedding reception

In a recent Subreddit post titled ‘Am I an A**hole?’, the bride revealed that she did not want the groom’s grandmother to attend the wedding reception because she felt that the 98-year-old would be too “out of place” due to the dancing and open bar. 

“We’ve agreed to not have kids at our wedding, as we want the reception to be a huge party for your adult friends and family with dancing, loud music, and an open bar,” the bride wrote. 

“However, for precisely the same reasons that we don’t want kids there, I don’t want his elderly grandmother at our wedding either.”

The post did not indicate that the bride had a difficult relationship with the groom’s grandmother, however, the bride did mention that the elderly grandmother had “always dreamed about being at her grandson’s wedding”.

The bride mentions within the post that she is happy for the grandmother to attend the wedding ceremony, but her stance regarding the grandmother’s attendance at the wedding reception has caused ongoing fights between the couple leading up to the big day.

“[My fiancé and his grandmother] both insist that [the grandmother] will be fine and that she wants to go to the party. But I just know that it will inevitably lead to us dealing with her and taking care of her, and I just want to get drunk and let loose with my friends.”

Unsurprisingly, the post revealed that the groom’s grandmother is “really upset and won’t talk” to the bride anymore and that her fiancé is very angry. 

Despite the backlash from her fiancé and his grandmother, the bride made it clear that she feels justified in her decision to ban the 98-year-old from her wedding reception.

“I think that I am well within my right to make this request, I am the bride after all,” she said.

Since the post first appeared online, people from around the globe have been sharing stories of the amazing experiences being had by elderly people at weddings and letting the bride know what they think about her ageist stance towards her fiancé’s grandmother.

What do you think? Should a person’s age override their inclusion to attend a wedding? 

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  1. Well if that sought of thinking,putting people in boxes is how she is going to start her matried life,then l think her fiance should re think his vsalues,because she values no one.

  2. Grow up
    Family is everything
    Getting drunk is irresponsible
    Seek forgiveness
    You are very wrong
    Your “groom” should find another person to marry
    You clearly are not a good person
    You need the love of Jesus and God
    How sad you need to party so desperately that you dis family
    Disgusting really

  3. I absolutely think the grooms grandmother should be allowed at the wedding reception! I would rethink the marriage if drinking and dancing would come before family! And who said grandma can’t dance and have a good time just because of her age?!?

  4. Well, she asked the right question at the top of her post- the answer is clearly “yes” and that boy needs to run far and fast. His life will be hell with her.

    1. If I was the groom I would think twice before marrying this woman. She is only thinking of herself. All it says to me is she has no respect for the groom are his grandmother. If she acts this way now it could be a lot worse after you marry her (hope you don’t marry this woman). The groom deserves so much better then her. Best wishes to the groom and his sweet grandma my prays are with you.

  5. Someone that is nearly 100 years old is cherishing every moment they have left. I would’ve let her come. I’ve seen people at 105 that are still driving around, drinking beer and just enjoying life. I would’ve been proud to have the grandmother attend a wedding reception. I lost my grandmother in 2001 and my other grandmother in 2013. Would give anything to have either one of them back.

  6. Dear Groom,
    Huge Red Flag!! You need to dump this woman! You’re grandmother is 98 and wants to participate in her grandsons big day! This is probably one of the last big family events you will all get to enjoy with her I’m a grandma and I would make life a living hell for that woman if this happened to me! Stop being selfish bridezilla, or you are going to be one lonely lady!

  7. It’s A Blessing To Live Until 98! You Don’t Get To Decide What’s Best For Another Person They Can Make Their Own Choices! Have Some RESPECT!!!!

  8. I wouldn’t marry her. What’s next more complaints when u want to buy something or do something with friends she don’t like. DON’T DO IT BUDDY RUN.

  9. This “bride” is obviously a very controlling, self-centered, selfish, thoughtless, disrespectful, mean, unfeeling disagreeable person!; showing her real self; where are the “adults” in this situation…the groom’s parents to talk with their son about marrying a girl with such despicable traits. She is not going to change and will make his life miserable, especially when it comes to compromising with him in general, and when plans with their families are concerned.



  10. This is just a perfect example of how superficial and cold hearted that this generation is She is a byproduct of the current state of things in America which has become a secular Hell hole

  11. Unless there are extenuating circumstances that aren’t explained, this is inconsiderate to put it mildly. Incredibly selfish. Another family member can take care of any special needs the grandmother might have. If she is uncomfortable with the loud music, dancing, and drinking, someone else can take her home and return to the festivities. Groom beware !

  12. What a jerk you are and if it were me as the groom I’d call off the marriage because you have shown yourself to be so cruel and discriminatory.

  13. It’s a ceremony for two not one person. Tells me a lot about the kind of woman he married. She’s old it’s her grandson it should have been one of her greatest memories. I blame him for not sticking up for his grandmother he should have made sure she was included. One thing the bride will not escape is KARMA. It does bite! Won’t be surprised if marriage doesn’t last.

  14. I am pretty certain this is a GIANT red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s one thing to speak privately about such a sensitive topic, but ridiculously obnoxious to unapologetically broadcast those feelings publicly. I would be shocked if this type of behavior is an isolated incident. Yes, you are the bride… BRIDEZILLA!!

  15. The bride is so foolish and utterly self centered. I hope she never becomes that old to see the joys grandma’s want to see. The guy needs to leave her NOW , what other antics will this b….. have in the future. Hope he gets Rid of her Now better Late Than Never.let her go, do not wait you might repent if you stayed with this broad.

  16. Appalling! Advice to the groom stand up and be a man tell your immature heartless and SELFISH bride to be that YOUR GRANDMOTHER who’s been your second MOTHER in life absolutely will be there if she wants to get wasted and get drunk so that one of “what’s supposed to be” Most special moments in life if she’d rather it be a blur looking back on videos and pictures of conducting herself like trashy version of herself and NOT having the MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE who’ve raised you and been in your life and to hurt your 98 year old grandma I’d actually call off the wedding shows her TRUE CHARACTER when someone shows you how cruel they are believe them

  17. He needs to thank God he isn’t married to her yet as she is showing the real her already. He needs to cancel the wedding and tell her she isn’t the woman he thought she was and dump her after getting the ring back if it’s a family one!

  18. To the groom. “Run, Forrest, Run.” And to the questionable bride to be..someday if your lucky, you will be a grandmother.

  19. Can you say “BRIDEZILLA”!!! The groom also has an equal say for that special day. While wedding ceremonies do usually tip in the favor of the bride for choices, the reception can be considered equal. As far as family members, each should be able to choose from his or her own family who gets an invite. With respect to the grandmother, if the groom wants her there then she should be there. An inability to compromise may be telling of what is in the future for them.

  20. Grandma should definitely go to the reception. I thought that a wedding was about wanting to celebrate the big day with your family and friends. After reading this story it sounds to me that the bride is self centred and controlling and clearly not interested in how this is affecting the groom and his family.

  21. This is kinda weird. I wouldn’t not invite an older relative, unless he or she is an a*****e. I wouldn’t not invite kids, either.

    No one seems to notice, however, the groom being a jerk in all of this. He was all in on the “no kids” rule, but wants an exception for grandma. The bride doubled down, and now the groom has no problem making the bride seem worse than she already sounds.

    The bride has a point, to some extent. If grandma dies from a heart attack at the reception, or in the hospital from a broken hip because some drunk dude accidentally moshed her, it would really put a damper on things.

    They need to think about things like: does grandma get a curfew? Shouldn’t she be sitting near an exit and defibrillator? Shouldn’t she be accompanied at all times, especially the bathroom? Should she be made to stay in a wheelchair during the reception to prevent getting moshed?

    I mean, the bride is marketing her side of things all wrong, but it also might be because it isn’t her grandma.
    If it were, maybe she would go the extra mile, but maybe then, the groom would be less accommodating .

    If I were the grandma, I would be pissed beyond belief, too.

    If the groom really his grandma there, though, he should have told the bride upfront to cut the guest list down to family and closest friends only. That might have really given the bride the wake-up call needed to make sure grandma can be there safely.

    One thing seems pretty clear, though–they sound perfect for one another.

  22. Bride sounds like another Megan Markle. Weddings are about family. She’s got the rest of her life to throw drunken parties for her friends.

  23. This bride is a horrible, egocentric person. A wedding is of two people and their families uniting. She should not have control over who her future husband invites. That is his choice. Bride invites her family and friends. Groom invites his family and friends. Not too difficult to understand. A wedding isn’t a huge drunken brawl it is a sacred union and if she doesn’t get that she should not get married. And groom should not marry this unkind, selfish person.

  24. This is the most hateful, petty view of the celebration at a wedding reception. My advice to the groom: LEAVE – DO NOT MARRY THIS PETTY, IMMATURE WOMAN. You will regret it. When someone shows you who they are – believe them. She has shown you who she is. If you go ahead with the marriage you’ll always wonder when she will decide you aren’t young enough any more.

  25. No I do not think age should play apart in the wedding after all its post to be a celebration after all.this bride is being selfish and should be more then happy to let the grandmother be there.doesnt elderly people get enough shunning after all and to be left out of her own grandsons wedding…just sad.who knows grandma may drink the bride under the table…😆

  26. I am a Grandmother and would be devastating if any of my Grandchildren’s partners did not want me there she has been there all his life you have not you are so shallow you just want to get drunk if I was you fiance I would be running a mile no compassion what will she be like if you have children and she wants to get drunk you have really picked the bottom of the bottom of the apple barrel here good luck to you pull out while you can it will not last

  27. This is so sad. My grandparents died when I was 5yo or younger. My parents died a year apart when my son was 8 and 10yo. My son has some memories of them, but I don’t have any. When I learn of how others who are fortunate enough to be BLESSED with grandparents totally disregard them, it hurts to the core of my being.
    If this 98 yo grandmother wants to attend the party, let her. If it’s too much for her, she can say so. This says a lot about the future of this marriage. I for one, will give it at best 10 years (tongue-in-cheek) before they are headed to divorce court.
    I am not even going to comment on the bride to be, but the groom to be…think long and hard before tying yourself to someone who do not want to have your last link to your forefathers. For God sake, the lady is 98 yo, all she is asking for is to be at the party. What’s next, or rather who will be next on her list of saying they cannot attend a party because they are too old. I lied, I have to comment that this bride to be sounds very selfish.
    I wish I could grab all the elders who are now too much of an inconvenience and let them enjoy their last years. A Party, SMH.

  28. So stupidly selfish/clueless I can’t even, but I’ll try..
    I’m no where NEAR 98 and I wouldn’t even come to your clubbing , loud , just an excuse to party , wedding. yes , you’re the bride, but duh is there a groom somewhere? And that’s HIS sweet
    Me thinks the bride is an “im all that bitch” that KNOWS Nana will party hardy dance the night away and will be talked about 4eva!!! You go grandma!!

  29. The Groom’s Grandmother absolutely should be at the wedding AND the reception. Being 98 years old she is a treasure! Sounds to me like the Bride is jealous because her Grandparents are gone. If I were the Groom I’d be thinking twice about marrying a nasty person like this Bride! At this point the hurt that the Grandmother is feeling can’t be undone! Even if Grandmother does go to the reception the damage is already done. Unless the Grandmother is allowed to attend the reception, I think the Groom’s family should boycott the whole affair. One day this Bride will be old and she’ll know how it feels!

  30. I can understand if there were an existing social problem that Grandma might bring to the wedding party, but since there is no issue between bride and Grandmother, this is an unnecessary affront to her groom’s family. I can’t imagine public sentiment being any stronger unless it were the groom saying this about the bride’s grandmother. That would garner many strong comments to the bride along the lines of leaving this potential marriage, and it would be for a good reason. Now, reverse this scenario back to the way it is, and you have your decision.

  31. This poor grandmother was probably hoping her grandson would marry someone nice, thoughtful and considerate. If I were her I wouldn’t want to go to the wedding at this point because I’d be so sad and disappointed in his choice of a life partner. But hey maybe grandma will still be around for the divorce.

  32. If I was him I’d dump the bride and not the grannie. My family would never hurt anyone’s feelings for NO reason. I wish my Grannie was still here with us…I would make sure she had a beautiful dress, her hair done, and her nails…and anything else she’d request. My prayers are for him and his family…forget the BRIDE…kick her to the curb groom.

  33. I think Granny should stay home. These kids will hopefully have one wedding- a day for the bride and groom to celebrate their marriage and the start of their lives together. It’s their day! They should not have to be babysitting or worrying about an old lady when the party starts. Maybe they could pay a caregiver, but truthfully, I think the bride has made up her mind. She doesn’t want granny there, it will cause her stress,and it’s HER BIG DAY!!

  34. Backlash? She should be single after this stunt! Shame on her. She could have thrown a “party” and not called it a wedding reception. Shame on the groom for not standing his ground.

  35. If that guy marries that bitch, he will regret it for life.What person does that. Guess who will wear the pants in that marriage..Run while you can dude..She deserves to be single..Selfishness cant work and does not work in a relationship…

  36. Mr. Groom just let me pull up with the Stone Cold beer truck and SPRAY IT OUT! She worried about getting wasted! Let’s GO!

  37. Wonder how she would feel if it was her grandmother put in this 98 going to a wedding and reception would be a blast and create memories for everyone. The groom should stand his ground. If she’s worried about looking after her at the reception then bring a carer…??

  38. So getting drunk is more important to this little witch than her husband’s grandmother? Hope the groom calls off this impending disaster before it’s too lste!!

  39. If my future spouse said that my grandmother couldn’t come to our wedding reception, that would be the end of our engagement! In fact, just them bringing it up because it would show me how selfish they were and that they probably wouldn’t make a good spouse.


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