Dec 18, 2023

Care residents recreate your favourite movie moments

Uniting Starrett Lodge resident Jan Burke, 71, as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. [Source: Supplied]

Aged care residents from Uniting Starrett Lodge at Hamlyn Terrace on the Central Coast have been featured in a special edition Movie Magic Calendar for 2024 which saw them photographed recreating iconic film scenes from The Shining, The Wizard of Oz, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Scarface.

All models had an absolute ball dressing up for the photo shoot which became a tradition at Starrett Lodge in 2021 when a calendar was created around the theme of famous paintings.

Uniting’s very own Marilyn Monroe-come-resident Shirley Knighton, 88, can vouch that gentlemen do prefer blondes.

“It was so much fun dressing up as Marilyn, and I am blonde so yes, I agree gentlemen prefer blondes!” she said.

Ms Knighton knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend! [Source: Supplied]

Lifestyle and Wellness Coordinator Bettie Taylor organised the photoshoot and said the whole production from researching iconic movie scenes to getting great photos of all 20 participants was fun and a major highlight for the residents who are all very excited to feature in the calendar.

“All the proceeds of the sales of the calendar will go towards their bucket list so we’re hoping we can do some really fun things with them all if we raise enough funds,” she said.

“Jack, I’m flying!” Manfred and Joan Merl, 85 & 87 as Jack and Rose from The Titanic. [Source: Supplied]

Proceeds from sales of the calendar, which retail at $15, will go into the residents’ Bucket List program. The Bucket List program contains residents’ most desired activities to do before they pass on. In the past this has seen residents skydive, ride in helicopters, go deep sea fishing and even see Sir Paul McCartney live.

Copies of the Movie Magic Calendar 2024 are currently sold out but restock can be bought commercially to be picked up from Uniting Starrett Lodge or posted to customers for an extra $5. 

Contact the facility by emailing or call 1800 864 846 to find out how to get your copy. 

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  1. Thank you for running our story. An extra shout out to photographer Michael Wolfe with Wolfewise Creative. He was the one that shot and produced all photos in calendar. Thanks!


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